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Aligning with success: SKF’s tools belt out efficiency

In the competitive and demanding Australian quarry industry, achieving mechanical precision is paramount. SKF’s TKBA Belt Alignment Tools, encompassing the TKBA 11, TKBA 21, and the advanced TKBA 31, are at the forefront of meeting these challenges.

Simon Protheroe, specialist maintenance products for SKF, emphasises the impact of these tools.

“The accurate alignment of belt and chain drives is crucial. It significantly contributes to a plant’s overall production levels and subsequent profitability,” Mr Protheroe said.

The TKBA series offers a range of solutions to cater to varying alignment needs:

  • TKBA 11: Utilising a red laser diode, effective for distances up to 3 meters (10 ft), this model is built with robust ABS and 2K polymer housings and an aluminium base, ensuring stability and accuracy during alignment tasks​​.
  • TKBA 21: Featuring two red laser diodes for alignment up to 3 meters (10 ft), the TKBA 21 shares the durable construction of its counterparts, guaranteeing precision in its operation​​.
  • TKBA 31: The most advanced of the series, the TKBA 31 employs a highly visible green laser diode, suitable for use over distances up to 6 meters (20 ft) and even in outdoor sunny conditions. Its sturdy build mirrors the series’ commitment to durability and precision​​.

Each tool in the SKF TKBA series is engineered to address specific alignment challenges with precision. These tools provide a streamlined solution for correcting misalignments across a range of axes, which is essential for the varied machinery used across industries.

Mr Protheroe elaborates on their wide-ranging utility. “While these tools are integral to quarry operations, their adaptability makes them equally valuable in power plants, recycling facilities, and a multitude of other industrial contexts,” he said.

This adaptability ensures that whether in HVAC systems, pump installations, or paper mills, the equipment operates at its best, reducing wear and energy consumption.

Moreover, the precise alignment facilitated by the TKBA series helps to reduce machine vibration, a common cause of unscheduled downtime, which is especially critical in high-stakes environments such as those mentioned above. The durability and ease of use that define the TKBA series are complemented by thoughtful design features, such as the inclusion of belt tension checkers and wear check gauges that contribute to a more comprehensive maintenance toolkit.

The TKBA series is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The laser units attach quickly and easily to machinery, simplifying the alignment process. This ease of use is vital in time-sensitive industrial environments like quarries.

“We’ve built these tools to withstand rigorous industrial conditions. Their durable construction ensures they consistently deliver accurate alignment results, which is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency,” Mr Protheroe said.

The introduction of the SKF TKBA series empowers Australian quarry operators to improve machine performance, reduce energy costs, and increase plant availability. These tools are not just about maintaining equipment; they are about enhancing the overall efficiency and competitiveness of industrial operations.

Visit SKF’s website for a complete overview of the capabilities of the TKBA Belt Alignment Tools.

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