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EPA warns Melbourne batching and precast plants

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The Environment Protection Authority has confirmed it conducted a series of snap inspections at concrete batching plants across Victoria earlier this month.  

The regulator visited nine facilities in south-west Melbourne as part of the investigation. EPA officers found the businesses were undertaking outdated practices which impacted the environment and human health.  

The EPA officers visited the North Geelong, Moolap, Grovedale, Newtown and North Shore areas to investigate how the facilities managed chemical spills and waste as well as how they prevented chemical waste and spills from impacting the environment. 

“Some businesses were in real need of updating their practices; hay bales are not considered sufficient protection for stopping sediment entering stormwater drains anymore,” the regulator said in a statement. 

“Our inspections found there was room for improvement, so our officers provided a lot of compliance advice. Without proper risk management, concrete batching plants can significantly impact the local environment.  

“Concrete production uses a range of chemicals and materials that, if released into the local environment via waterways or dust – can have negative impacts on local wildlife and human health.”  

The EPA confirmed it would continue to conduct snap inspections across Victoria into the new year. 

“We’ll continue with actions like this throughout the region, and our message to businesses is clear – protecting the environment is everyone’s business and you should not be waiting for a visit from EPA to tell you what you need to do to meet your regulatory obligations,” they said in a statement.  

EPA Guideline 1806: Reducing risk in the premixed concrete industry details how operators of concrete batching plants and precast concrete manufacturing facilities can assess, manage and control their risks to achieve practical performance outcomes, while allowing flexibility as to how this will be completed and is free to download. 

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