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Cemex concrete is key to Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport


Mexico is set to turn Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport into one of the most sustainable in Latin America by constructing a new terminal with the help of Cemex.  

Terminal 2 at the international airport has been a long-anticipated project featuring low-carbon concrete and other environmentally sustainable features.  

“Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport serves as a new window to showcase the best of Mexico to the world, and we are proud to be part of this large-scale project that aims to enhance tourism,” Ricardo Naya, President of Cemex Mexico, said. 

 “Not only are we providing high-quality building materials, but we are also helping lower the project’s carbon footprint with our more sustainable solutions.”  

In a statement, Cemex said transportation infrastructure is a global priority in an increasingly interconnected world.  

“Airports are key for enhanced tourism and economic growth. By focusing on sustainability in the construction, expansion, and restoration of airports, society can reap these benefits while minimizing their environmental footprint. Cemex provides several solutions to aid in this effort,” Naya said. 

The terminal will include the use of more efficient building materials; installing solar panels on the roof of the terminal, which will lower energy consumption by 40 per cent; and reducing water consumption by 35 per cent.  

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