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South East Asphalt celebrate 20 years in business

South East Asphalt

South East Asphalt marked two decades of business as the hybrid venture reflected its growth from humble beginnings to a well-respected supplier.  

SEA was started as a joint venture by Boral and Fulton Hogan in 2003 when it launched in Pakenham in the heart of Cardinia Shire.  

The venture started with a second-hand asphalt plant from New South Wales, with the first tonne of asphalt rolling off the production line in 2004.  

From there, SEA grew into a sizeable supplier, delivering 100,000 tonnes of asphalt across 2023/24, with its main business interests in residential works, industrial estates, and council works through the Cardinia Shire and City of Casey.  

The location in the heart of Cardinia Shire has proven a shrewd move. The most recent data showcases the shire as one of Victoria’s fast-growing areas with lots of potential development. 

South East Asphalt is a joint venture from Fulton Hogan and Boral. Picture: Fulton Hogan YouTube

SEA Business Manager Anatoly Shulkin said it was a great moment for the company to bring up two decades. 

“We have a reputation as a high-quality provider. In the past, we’ve supplied to major projects like the Pakenham Bypass and Monash freeway,” he said.  

“The business is now a well-established and known company and has carved out a reputation as a preferred supplier of a wide range of asphalt products. It is also acknowledged as a reputable and reliable service provider.”  

The company sources raw materials from Fulton Hogan and Boral Resources quarries, meeting Department of Transport (DoT) specifications. The quality control is maintained in a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA)-accredited laboratory, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards.  

Shulkin said a few aspects were important to him, like SEA’s impressive safety record over the past two decades. 

“I think when I have a phone call from a customer saying it’s been a great service, and the asphalt is a great quality, that’s what makes my day,” he said.  

“Also, that we’ve grown from very small beginnings to being a well-established business that is well-known within the industry.  

“We look back on its journey with pride and anticipate a future filled with growth and continued excellence. The south-east region is earmarked for sustainable growth, and our SEA team stands ready to supply the asphalt needed for tomorrow’s infrastructure.” 

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