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How ONTRAC is making service a breeze for clients

Quarry speaks with Adrian Attwood to learn how the ONTRAC high productivity XMOR bucket is especially easy to keep at peak performance.

Repairing excavator buckets can be a painful ordeal, potentially taking equipment out of operation for days at a time.

Without the bucket, moving material becomes all but impossible. And this is the main reason why ONTRAC Group places such importance on the after sales support of their Australian Made excavator buckets right from the get-go.

Adrian Attwood, company owner at ONTRAC, told Quarry that while wear is an inescapable factor, there are ways to mitigate its effects.

“There are certain features of the XMOR Bucket that work hand-in-hand with both minimising wear, and making wear more easy to deal with when it does occur.’’

The lightweight bucket is designed to improve productivity without sacrificing durability and has been built with wear in mind. Wear is directed towards the prominent sections of the bucket, so the bolt on heel segments can be replaced quickly and easily on site.

Attwood said the increased productivity from the lighter weight and decreased downtime is thanks in part to these replaceable components.

“Using mechanical bolts instead of welds, not only requires less welding and hot work, but it also relieves stress applied to the bucket.”

“Feedback has been great, our clients have remarked how easy it is to use their on-site maintenance crew rather than going through the hassles of the whole welding process,” he said.

Whenever ONTRAC builds a bucket, it will also manufacture and hold replacement parts.

Whenever ONTRAC builds a bucket, it will also manufacture and hold replacement parts, called wear packs. Some of the company’s more proactive customers also hold spare parts on site, to cover them in case of an emergency.

“What we want to do is address where pain points have been in the industry.”

As a result of feedback from clients, ONTRAC is currently rolling out a hard-copy detailed bucket handbook for every new bucket over 50 tonne, which includes vital information like part numbers, components, diagrams, and more.

“The idea is to make ordering a wear pack for you bucket a breeze,” Attwood said

“Depending on your bucket, a wear pack might include, teeth, wing shrouds, heel segments, and other weareable components.”

“Trying to find out who supplied the teeth, or when the teeth are expected to wear out, or who purchased a specific component, all of these things can be a hassle if something goes wrong and you need a solution straight away,” Attwood said.

“The buckets have a modular design and will have all the parts listed out. It’s a simple process to send us an email or give us a call and we can start solving problems as soon as possible.”

ONTRAC also provides regular onsite inspections of the buckets, going out into the field to ensure everything is working as it should be, and to listen to any customer feedback.

Attwood said the support experience is almost more important than the initial sale.

“Without a doubt – the XMOR bucket has easier to replace components built into it, but what’s most important to us is the way we uphold and maintain the product and who we are as a company,” he said.

“That’s why we are always striving to continually improve and refine our after sales support for every ONTRAC customer.’’•

For more information, visit ontracgroup.com.au

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