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ONTRAC: The XMOR®️ Bucket is transforming excavator productivity


Have you seen the XMOR®️ bucket from ONTRAC Group and wondered about its capabilities? Hypothetically, you could achieve the same results as Doug.

Doug has a PC1250SP-8 operating at his site, and the current capacity of his bucket is 6.7m3.

Doug is surprised to know that with an XMOR Bucket from ONTRAC fitted to his excavator, his bucket capacity could be increased to an 8.8 – 9.2m3 capacity bucket, depending on material density.

From this find, Doug runs a few quick calculations to see how this change would impact profitability on his site…

Doug will save two passes to fill each one of his 90-tonne trucks.

This means, in a 10-hour shift, Doug could potentially have an additional 47 truckloads completed – equivalent to an extra 4230 tonnes of material moved per shift.

With load and haul costing Doug $2.20/ton, Doug realizes this new bucket is worth $9,306 per 10-hour shift.

Doug does a few further sums and sees per week, per month, per year – the gains are unbelievable.

The flow-on effects of XMOR are not only production increase. It’s fuel savings, maintenance, service – the flow-on benefits go on.

Are you curious to know what the increased capacity of your bucket could be with an XMOR Bucket?

Bucket match your excavator* now; Click the link below

All you need to know is your excavator model and configuration.

*Excavators 50-120t. CAT, Hitachi, Kobelco, Komatsu, Liebherr & Volvo.  1300 910 950

*The above is a hypothetical example for customers to understand the XMOR bucket capabilities. Future results may vary.

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