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Nine Mile Point Quarry hits the market

Nine Mile Point Quarry

Former quarry, Nine Mile Point Quarry, has hit the market after a historical past in the UK for a surprising sum. 

And it is considerably cheaper than you may think. 

The site is located in Cross Keys, Gwent in Wales, which has been abandoned since the 1960s.  

The approximate size of the land is 1.576 ha (3.892 acres). 

Nine Mile Point Quarry in Cross Keys, Gwent is for sale.

The former quarry site has been listed with a minimum opening bid of £250 ($481 AUD) with the realtors at Sage and Co believing it has a “great deal of potential for large selection of possible uses.” 

“We understand the site was in use from 1904 and was in full production from 1913 where it employed over 2,000 workers,” they said. 

“It provided consistent employment for the area up until July 1964, where it eventually closed. A true piece of local history.” 

The bidding for the quarry site opens on December 4. 

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