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Crusher Screen Sales and Hire’s pugmill perfection

Crusher Screens

A Queensland quarry is reaping the benefits of a Northern Irish innovation after taking delivery of a new pugmill to improve operations.

Braeside Quarries, located on the New England Highway near Warrick in Queensland, is far from Northern Ireland.

However, distance has not stopped the two companies from forming a successful partnership.

Quarry spoke to IMS (Irish Manufacturing Services) Australian distributor Crusher Screen Sales and Hire (CSSH) manager John Andersen about its collaboration with Northern Ireland company and how both organisations work together to deliver new innovative products for the Australian market.  A key innovation is the new pugmill/blender, which has recently been delivered to the Braeside Quarries in Queensland.

Braeside’s benefits

Braeside Quarries was established almost two decades ago in 2007 as a small producer to supply the local construction scene with hard rock aggregate, including hornfels and granite. Since its establishment, Braeside has developed into a medium-scale producer.

Braeside’s client list includes diverse users, including local council, state government projects and private developments.

Braeside was looking for a pugmill that could blend two products at once to improve its product management and quality control.

CSSH commissioned a new PM1200-20TB pugmill with an IMS mobile 45-tonne silo.

CSSH provides nationwide service with specialisation in the sales and hire of pugmills and blending equipment.

Based in Yatala, Queensland, the Australian company offers turn-key solutions for pugmills and blenders with Australian-designed and serviced computer programming.

With Braeside’s objectives, CSSH commissioned a new PM1200-20TB pugmill with an IMS mobile 45-tonne silo.

Andersen said the pugmill and silo would allow for accurate blends due to the twin feeder hoppers and PLC control and recording system.

It comes after the regulation requirements tightened up on material product specifications for the industry in recent years.

Andersen said the key advantage of this set-up was that Braeside could have confidence in its compliance for its customers.

“They know have certainty that correct percentage of fines are being added to their road base with moisture control and the option of CTB or in one process reducing costs and reports to confirm the batch percentages,” he said.

“The other advantage is they can have separate products in the two feed hoppers waiting for trucks to arrive and remoting start the correct hopper for moisture control loading directly into the truck and trailers.

“All this adds confidence to Braeside Quarry clients that their product is compliant and will not cause downstream problems on roads and construction sites.”

The PM1200-20TB pugmill follows on from IMS’ PM1050-16TB Track pugmill, used throughout Australia in quarries, major construction sites and remediation projects.

A Braeside representative said the company had been impressed by the new plant which offered several advantages compared to its previous set-up.

According to IMS, the new PM1200-20TB pugmill has several design tweaks that improve past designs. The PM1200-20TB has two five-metre-long feed hoppers holding 10m2 each with separate feed hopper conveyors, both fitted with belt scales.

The scales can be controlled by a PLC updated control and recording system and operated by an iPad in the loader or office.

“The pugbox has been extended due to increased power percentages of products such as roller compacted concrete (RCC) and has the option of two powder hoppers with load cells and rotary valves for blending two powders at once on site,” Andersen said.

“This avoids the cost of premix bulk blending or having two silos with different powders ready for mixing different powder blends.

“The other options are vibrating hydraulic tipping grids and the ability to add two liquids at the same time; the plant is powered by a CAT C7 motor.”

Collaboration leads to innovation

IMS and CSSH have been busy working on new designs to bring to market for the quarry, mining, and soil remediation industries.

IMS unveiled a new electric four-hopper track blender in the BP1200-48TB.

According to Andersen, the BP1200-48TB adds to IMS’ extensive product portfolio, including electric modular pugmills offering up to four feed hoppers, electric and hydraulic wheel and track conveyors, single feed hopper blenders, and screening plants.

The new blender features the same updated PLC control and recording system as the PM1200-20TB pugmill.

All four feed hoppers hold 12m3 with separated feed hopper conveyors fitted with belt scales.

A CAT C7 generator powers the BP1200-48TB, which can also be connected to mains power and drive a 24-metre radial stacker for extra stockpile capacity.

“The Nord electric gear drive motors allow for a wide range of accurate speeds to suit low percentage blends,” Andersen said.

“The blender can be incorporated with the IMS pugmills and controlled by a common PLC control and recording system and has the option of adding vibrating tipping grids as well.”•

For more information, visit crusherscreen.com

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