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Cross collaboration key for Tutt Bryant

Tutt Bryant

In the world of heavy machinery and mining operations, successful collaborations can be the key to achieving exceptional results. Tutt Bryant Equipment and Cross Verwijmeren’s partnership at the Talison Lithium project is a prime example of such synergy. 

 Talison Lithium has been a stalwart producer and exporter of lithium materials from its Greenbushes site in Western Australia for over three decades.

However, a new and ambitious crushing project at the Talison site aimed to expand freshwater and tailings ponds while producing substantial quantities of 40mm and 75mm fill material and specialised products like filter sand.

Yet, the challenges posed by winter’s harsh conditions—wind, rain, and sticky wet materials—demanded the right equipment for the job.

Recognising the need for precision and efficiency, Jim Cross, the visionary founder of Cross Verwijmeren, strategically acquired the Metso LT1213S impact crusher and the Metso S2.11 mobile scalper. He said selecting the right equipment was pivotal for the project’s success.

“The Metso LT1213S impact crusher and the Metso S2.11 mobile scalper offered the perfect combination of efficiency and adaptability to handle the challenging site conditions,” Cross said.

The power of Metso machinery

These two machines have already demonstrated their resilience and adaptability. The impact crusher’s dual-slope screen, fuel-efficient engine, and automated process control enabled continuous and efficient production, even in adverse conditions. Simultaneously, the mobile scalper effectively separated and processed sticky materials without compromising productivity.

Metso machinery is internationally renowned for providing versatile tools for quarry operators.

Metso machinery is internationally renowned for providing versatile tools for quarry operators. The LT1213S excels in road base production applications. Its adaptability and robustness make it an asset for achieving high-quality materials. With a generous 1320mm wide feed opening, it effortlessly handles oversize material, achieving production rates of up to 500 tonnes per hour (tph) while maintaining fuel efficiency.

The S2.11 is a high-capacity reclaimer/scalper screen that suits a broad spectrum of quarrying needs, including producing road base, ballast, and gabions. With an average production rate of up to 600tph, it’s an invaluable tool for processing wet feed material during the rainy season.

Cross Verwijmeren’s expertise

Cross’s expertise in geology, surveying, mining operations, and civil earthworks positions him to understand the challenges his clients face. Cross Verwijmeren caters to a broad spectrum of quarry products, from armour rock to precision-manufactured sand.

The decision to invest in Metso equipment stems from Cross Verwijmeren’s commitment to providing cost-effective, innovative earthmoving solutions. Their well-defined management structures ensure smooth project delivery.

The role of Tutt Bryant Equipment

Supporting Cross Verwijmeren in the Talison Lithium project was Tutt Bryant Crushing and Screening, providing on-site commissioning, advice, and training with the new Metso equipment.

The Tutt Bryant team ensured Cross Verwijmeren’s personnel were well-versed in operating the machinery, maximising the equipment’s advanced features and capabilities.

Mark Reeves, area manager of Metso crushing and screening at Tutt Bryant, recounted the journey of collaboration between the two companies since 2017. He emphasised the evolving partnership’s shared goals of delivering top-notch solutions to the mining sector.

Tutt Bryant Equipment’s commitment

Tutt Bryant Equipment’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial sale. With a dedicated team of experts stationed across Australia, it ensures comprehensive support for customers, regardless of their geographical location. The success of the Metso machinery used on the Talison Lithium project underscores their versatility and durability in the Australian context.

The partnership between Tutt Bryant Equipment and Cross Verwijmeren at the Talison Lithium project exemplifies the power of collaboration in the mining and quarrying industry. Quarrying professionals can draw inspiration from this success story and consider Metso equipment as a reliable solution for their diverse operational needs. Tutt Bryant Equipment’s dedication to customer support and a wide array of quarrying solutions ensures professionals can rely on them for tailored solutions to meet their needs.•

For more information, visit tuttbryant.com.au

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