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Komatsu delivers thousands of dollars to help Illawarra community

Bronte Jewell

Bronte Jewell may be an apprentice technician at Komatsu Fairfield by day but she always had an eye on making a big impact in her community.  

In her own words, she wanted to see a world that celebrates diversity and empowers people through creativity.  

When Jewell found out she won Komatsu’s Live Your Dream grant, she knew she wanted to use it to help achieve these aims.  

Jewell’s donation to the Illawarra Music Foundry will support people with down syndrome. It will help fund the organisation’s musical programs for children and young people.  

“I have watched the huge impact it can have on an individual’s self-worth and overall, how it can positively shape lives,” she said. 

“The sign language initiatives in particular, which I have been lucky enough to be involved in this year, have been instrumental in bridging communication barriers and fostering a sense of belonging for down syndrome individuals within the community.” 

Komatsu’s Live Your Dream grant enables its employees to donate money to causes which improve their local community. Jewell said she was thankful for the opportunity to make this impact. 

“I’d like to thank Komatsu for providing me with this opportunity to support a charity I deeply care about.” 

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