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888CSE delivers unique McCloskey International equipment

Backed by more than 30 years of industry experience, a Western Australian crushing and screening business delivers a unique offering to the quarry industry.

Western Australia’s 888 Crushing and Screening Equipment (888CSE) has established itself as the go-to destination for those seeking a comprehensive range of cutting-edge crushing and screening equipment for Western Australia, South Australia, and Northern Territory with exclusive products in those markets. The exclusive brands, including McCloskey International, mean 888CSE offers one of Australia’s most extensive and diverse crushing and screening equipment ranges. The line-up caters to projects of all sizes and complexities, from inner-city compact crushing and recycling to large quarrying operations.

McCloskey International has long been a beacon of excellence in the quarrying industry landscape, where efficiency, power and reliability are the pillars of success. With a reputation for delivering high-performance products, McCloskey has again taken the lead in shaping the future of mobile crushing and screening machinery.

Its latest offerings include the groundbreaking McCloskey J6 Jaw Crusher, formidable McCloskey C4 Cone Crusher, and imposing McCloskey S250 Screening Plant. This equipment offers unrivalled performance, productivity and durability as a standalone plant or a high-performance closed-circuit crushing operation.

McCloskey International has been serving the screening and crushing industry since 1985.

McCloskey J6 Jaw Crusher: Elevating performance

As projects and operational requirements evolve, so must the machinery that drives progress. Enter the McCloskey J6 Jaw Crusher, a testament to the company’s dedication to adapting to industry demands. Building on the solid foundation of industry-proven and high-performance jaw crushers, the J6 introduces new features geared toward boosting productivity and enhancing durability across various applications.

The J6’s robust design and simple but heavy-duty engineering ensure it can withstand the harshest working conditions while delivering superior performance. This jaw crusher redefines efficiency and versatility, making it an indispensable asset for any high-capacity primary crushing operation.

McCloskey C4 Cone Crusher: Power beyond measure

One of the standout innovations in McCloskey’s line-up is the C4 Cone Crusher, a machine primed to tackle the most arduous projects. Boasting unparalleled reduction ratios, the C4 Cone Crusher positions McCloskey at the forefront of the mobile crushing sphere worldwide. The heavy-duty 400HP cone crusher introduces features designed to enhance user experience and overall efficiency for any secondary, tertiary, or quaternary crushing requirement.

The C4’s direct drive system enhances power with lower fuel costs, a crucial aspect of modern machinery. Optimum design ensures simple and lower-cost maintenance with increased uptime. The C4 Cone Crusher embodies McCloskey’s commitment to continuous innovation across the entire range.

McCloskey S250 Screening Plant: Pushing the boundaries

Innovation is about crushing and screening efficiency, a crucial aspect of any construction or mining operation. McCloskey’s S250 Screener aims to set new benchmarks for excellence. Positioned as one of the world’s largest track mobile screeners, the S250 is designed to outperform the competition. With an expansive 22’ x 6’ (6710mm x 1830mm) heavy-duty, high-energy, two-bearing, three-deck screen, the S250 Screener delivers an unprecedented screening area. This design produces higher output and unmatched durability, even in the most challenging conditions. McCloskey’s commitment to providing its customers with the best tools for the job shines through in the S250, where advanced engineering meets practical performance.

McCloskey and 888CSE: Pioneering the future together

In the competitive world of construction and mining machinery, McCloskey International has established itself as a trailblazer. The latest offerings at 888CSE underscore McCloskey’s dedication to shaping the industry’s future. 888CSE understands its customers’ unique challenges and will tailor solutions to ensure optimum productivity, efficiency and return on investment. By prioritising customer needs and goals and providing the highest level of support in this challenging industry, 888CSE goes beyond just providing equipment. It becomes a partner in the journey toward that achievement.•

For more information, visit 888cse.com.au

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