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Drums and Teeth to meet demands of rock wall profiling work


In situations where conventional excavation systems are too weak and have little effect, Simex Drum Cutters feature a versatile range of drums and teeth for various complex and specialised applications.

The Simex range of Drum Cutters is renowned for its work in finishing operations where high precision, minimum disturbance and aesthetic results are required.

This was a requirement in the rock wall profiling work in the Bossarino landfill in the Italian municipality of Vado Ligue as part of the installation of waterproof geomembranes.

Operators needed attachments that were capable of not only crushing rocks, but also achieve precise finishing and enable the correct installation of the geomembranes.

The Bossarino landfill primarily deals with the disposal of non-hazardous special wastes, the recovery and recycling of materials, and the production of electricity from organic residues.

A Simex TF 2100 drum cutter, mounted on a Hitachi ZX350LCN-6, was successfully used for rock wall profiling and earthworks, specifically schist with reduced resistance to excavation due to the high degree of fracturing and weathering.

A Simex drum cutter

Accurate profiling with greater efficiency

Globally, there is an increasing demand for earthmoving attachments that help operators cut through tougher surfaces more safely and effectively.

In mining and quarrying works for example, highly versatile Simex Drum Cutter meets the demand by guaranteeing selective breaking of the rock mass to ensure the wall stability open pit extraction.

By producing a crushed material that often doesn’t require further volume reduction by additional equipment or machinery SIMEX Drum Cutter increases efficiency.

Drum and Teeth options

Simex drum options include the standard HP drum for deep penetration in hard materials, the GP drum for wall profiling, and the WP drum suited to profiling and finishing works thanks to its larger width.

Multiple tooth geometries are also available, which are specifically designed for working in different materials. The standard tooth supplied is ideal for mixed materials, while other optional teeth allow work in extremely hard materials, or finer profiling work.

The team of experts at the Simex factory in Italy have launched a new tool that calculates the theoretical hourly production if using Simex high performance rotary cutter heads. The calculator will recommend the most suitable model based on the material you need to work with.

Estimate your hourly production with the new calculator. The calculator can be accessed via

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