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Hanson UK reveals new name as rebrand confirmed

Heidelberg Materials

Hanson UK will have a new name but the same commitment to decarbonisation and the circular economy after a company announcement.  

The company will be rebranded as Heidelberg Materials UK in a move that aligns it with the branding of its parent company.  

Heidelberg, the parent company, commenced its rebranding in September 2022. The company has said the rebranding to be materials-focused reflected its commitment to decarbonisation and the circular economy.  

Heidelberg Materials UK chief executive officer Simon Willis said the move demonstrated it is part of a global business with one voice, sending a clear and consistent message to customers. 

“The construction sector faces global challenges such as climate change and the digitalisation of our industry; challenges we are better placed to meet as a strong, united Group,” he said. 

“Having a single brand name and identity sends a clear and consistent message to our increasingly global customers and fosters collaboration across both geographical and organisational borders. 

“It will allow us to work together to lead the field in driving down carbon emissions; promote the circular economy by recycling and reusing construction waste; develop digital solutions to provide added value to our customers; and develop sustainable and innovative building materials.” 

Hanson UK was acquired by Heidelberg Materials in 2007, and after 16 years, the new rebranded as Heidelberg Materials UK over the next two years.  

The rebrand will be rolled out over sites and vehicles across the next two years, followed by new packaging in early 2024.  

“It’s an exciting time for us,” Willis said. 

 “Customer demands, markets, and competitors are changing rapidly and being part of a global team will allow us to take full advantage of our strengths. 

“Our commitment to decarbonisation, growing the circular economy and delivering excellence remains and, as we head to the future, we will continue to drive innovation and deepen partnerships with our customers.” 

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