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How Loadrite Systems are redefining Quarry Management


Rosebrook Sand and Gravel and SITECH Solutions have partnered up to deliver innovative technology to the NSW business and help boost key facets of its operations. 

Efficiency and precision are paramount in the dynamic world of quarry operations. The ability to monitor and manage stockpile inventory, optimise production, and ensure accurate data collection are vital for quarry operators looking to stay ahead of the competition.

SITECH Solutions, as the authorised dealer for Loadrite, is one of the companies at the forefront of innovative solutions to the quarry industry.  

Jason Sydenham, Business Development – Key Markets for SITECH Solutions, and Brendon King, Purchasing Officer from Rosebrook Sand and Gravel, shared their thoughts on this transformative technology with Quarry. 

“I’ve been working with Loadrite products for eight years, and during this time, I’ve witnessed an exponential growth in demand from quarries seeking accurate data on material weight measurements and production metrics,” Sydenham said. 

Rosebrook Sand and Gravel: A Loadrite Success Story   

With quarries located in the Hunter Valley region of NSW, Rosebrook Sand and Gravel specialises in the manufacture, supply, and delivery of quarry products to the mining, civil, concrete, construction, and landscape industries.  

Recently, Rosebrook Sand and Gravel made a strategic investment in Loadrite X2350 Excavator Scales coupled with Loadrite InsightHQ Site Management Software from SITECH Solutions. Their decision was guided by the significant benefits realised through the initial purchase, and they were so impressed that they acquired a second set.   

“We have two excavators fitted with the Loadrite X2350 scales which are currently in work at a customer’s quarry feeding our trommels,” said King.  

“The scales weigh the tonnage of each bucket of raw material going into the trommel, which we can then charge accordingly. Loadrite X2350 precisely weighs and records each bucket, and then Insight HQ allows us to easily create multiple reports with this data, which we can then use to accurately invoice our customer or monitor production.”

“The Loadrite system has improved our excavator’s productivity by quickly, easily, and accurately weighing the material in the bucket, and displaying the payload information on an easy-to-read monitor in the excavator’s cab, which is also available as live data on Insight HQ.”

“The financial benefit we saw since installing the first set of scales was the main reason why we went ahead with the second set.”

“Sitech Solutions’ excellent after-sales support is also a huge factor in why we are a repeat customer.”


Loadrite X2350 Excavator Scales: Precision at Your Fingertips 

Loadrite X2350 Excavator Scales are designed to transform your excavators into precision measurement tools. These scales allow quarry operators to accurately monitor the material being excavated in real-time. 

Quarries equipped with Loadrite X2350 Excavator Scales experience a range of benefits: 

  • Accurate Measurement: X2350 provides real-time weight measurements, allowing quarry operators to ensure they excavate the right amount of material. 
  • Preventing Overloading: It helps prevent overloading of trucks, reducing maintenance costs and minimising the risk of accidents and fines. 
  • Enhanced Operator Efficiency: Loadrite X2350 improves operator loading accuracy and efficiency, reducing double handling of material and associated costs. 
  • Reduced Haulage Costs: By knowing exactly how much material is loaded in the truck, quarries can minimise costs and cycles to haul it away. 
Loadrite systems are an important quarry management tool.



Insight HQ: Elevating Quarry Operations with Data-Driven Insights 

Loadrite products are known for precision and real-time measurement accuracy, however, their performance reaches its peak when utilised alongside InsightHQ Site Management Software, a digital control centre. Serving as a centralised platform, InsightHQ seamlessly integrates data from all Loadrite products, including excavator and conveyor belt scales, offering robust analytics and reporting tools. InsightHQ transforms raw data into actionable insights, enabling timely decision-making. This collaboration elevates X2350 scales into comprehensive quarry management tools, optimising operations with efficiency. 

Numerous benefits for quarries can be realised with Insight HQ Site Management Software: 

  • Data Integration: Quarry operators can gather all Loadrite data onto a single platform, simplifying data management and analysis. 
  • Optimising Operations: Insight HQ provides actionable insights, enabling quarries to make informed decisions that optimise their operations. 
  • Streamlined Reporting: The platform streamlines reporting processes, saving time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual data collection and analysis. 
  • Improved Inventory Management: Quarry operators can better manage stockpiles, reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking, resulting in cost savings and ensuring a steady supply of materials. 
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Insight HQ helps in ensuring that operations remain safe by providing accurate and timely data. 



Loadrite scales and Insight HQ are indispensable tools for modern quarries. These solutions provide quarry operators with the ability to measure and manage their operations with precision, resulting in increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved safety.  

As the authorised dealer for Loadrite, Sitech Solutions stands at the ready to assist quarries in harnessing the full potential of these technologies, helping them stay competitive and thrive in the ever-evolving quarry industry. Choosing Loadrite and Sitech Solutions means choosing a path to greater efficiency, productivity, and success in quarrying. 

For more information, go to www.sitechsolutions.com.au. 

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