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Caterpillar recognised as climate leader

Quarry Sustainability

Caterpillar has been recognised for its efforts in making several industries more sustainable and environmentally friendly.  

The company was listed on the list of America’s climate leaders. The list, which is a first-ever from USA Today, highlights companies that have cut emissions in recent years. 

Chief sustainability officer Dr. Lou Balmer-Millar said the company was thrilled by the results. 

“Caterpillar has a long-standing commitment to sustainability,” Balmer-Millar said.  

“As we support our customers in their sustainability journey, we remain focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions within our own operations. We appreciate this recognition of our progress.” 

Sustainability has been a key focus for the company over a long period of time.  

When Quarry spoke to Sales, Service and Marketing Manager for the ANZP division of Caterpillar Global Construction and Infrastructure Greg Mumford, he highlighted it as a key focus in the coming years.  

“I think technologies that measure payloads accurately and efficiently will become more and more relevant, as well be technologies that enable customers to reduce their fuel consumption – both to improve their fuel efficiency and to reduce their carbon footprints,” he said. 

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