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SmartTech: How to ensure compliance with the right load


An Australian company has set about helping quarries optimise site safety with accurate scale technology.

Loadrite scales have emerged as important tools that can optimise how Australian quarries operate.

The weighing systems provide accurate and real-time measurements, enabling quarries to make data-driven decisions.

Access to real-time, accurate data has become increasingly important since the introduction of the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation in 2018.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) introduced the legislation to ensure that anyone with control over the transport task, not just the driver or operator of the heavy vehicle, can be held responsible for breaches of road laws.

The changes to the CoR ensured the legislation aligned more closely with workplace health and safety provisions. All parties in the chain must reduce risks in transport tasks and ensure they have optimised safety.

NHVR stakeholder specialist Simone Reinertsen previously spoke to Quarry about the importance of the legislation and encouraged the use of load scales.

“The NHVR encourages businesses to adopt any additional measures that may improve compliance, or their ongoing obligation to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety of their transport activities as a loading manager relating to a heavy vehicle loaded at their premises,” Reinertsen said previously.

“Installing and operating a fixed weighing system is one option, but in each case, the scale of the operation and level of risk does affect what would be reasonably required under the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

“What should always be done includes acquiring a knowledge of potential risks to your heavy vehicle transport task, taking steps to minimise or eliminate heavy vehicle safety risks and monitoring heavy vehicle safety. “

This means companies need to be able to load once and load correctly the first time to ensure transport is compliant with the legislation.

In addition, the legislation has necessitated that companies are able to show accurate and relevant data to support their compliance claims.

SmartTech Australia, an authorised Loadrite dealer, has proven to be a trusted partner for the quarrying industry due to these factors.

Loadrite scales can be applied to most machinery in quarries including excavators, loaders, conveyor belts and haul tracks.

They use a rotary position sensor to monitor multiple measurement points. This method enables accurate reporting by averaging variations in weights or discarding them if outside tolerance levels.

This means quarries can use the data knowing the Loadrite systems have accounted for potential errors, including inexperienced operators or rough terrain on site.

SmartTech’s staff are highly trained and able to provide tailored solutions and calibration. This helps quarries optimise load capacities, minimise downtime, and ensure compliance with CoR regulations.

“Having a great group of professionals on our team makes us a unique product offering in itself,” SmartTech managing director Allan Hubble said.

“We are extremely proud of the past projects we have delivered on. We live in a changing technology space that we enjoy on a daily basis.

“Taking our clients to the next level of capability is what we do best.”

The Loadrite scales enable quarries to boost productivity, enhance safety, and contribute to sustainable practices.

By using the features of the Loadrite scales, companies will be able to use the system to optimise fleet management and ensure all transport is neither under nor overused in operations.

SmartTech Australia’s knowledge has helped many Australian quarries achieve solutions that have been solidified with exceptional end-to-end service.

The company has established a presence across the country with offices in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, and Tasmania.

Australian quarries are positioned to thrive in the competitive market with improved productivity and efficiency by leveraging SmartTech’s partnership with Loadrite. •

For more information, visit smarttechaustralia.com.au

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