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Low carbon concrete supports Abu Dhabi megaproject

CEMEX aims to attribute half of its cement and concrete sales to low-carbon options by 2025 and will increase investment in carbon capture.

An Abu Dhabi megaproject has lent on low-carbon concrete to ensure its environmentally sustainable goals while being structurally sound.  

AD Ports Group has enlisted Cemex to help make its major expansion of the Khalifa Port in the United Arba Emirates a reality. 

Cemex will provide more than 200,000 cubic meters of low-carbon concrete to the project. According to the company, the Khalifa Port project can be considered one of the largest port infrastructure projects in the world.  

“Cemex is proud to contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint of major projects around the world,” said President of Cemex Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Sergio Menéndez.  

“Vertua is a family of sustainable products that meet our customer’s needs with the highest quality standards, leveraging the latest technology and innovation.”  

The Khalifa Port project is one of the region’s significant ports. It serves 25 major shipping lines, 70 international destinations and is situated between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  

The port features two container terminals, a large general cargo and dry bulk facility, a logistics port, a liquid bulk terminal and a roll-on roll-off terminal.  

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