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Loadmaster makes life on-site easier


As quarrying moves into a data analytics-driven environment, intelligent load tracking, like the Loadmaster has become critical.

Quarries rely heavily upon integrated data tools to inform decisions around everything, from productivity optimisation to load management and maintenance.

KPMG’s report, Data Science in Western Australia, showed that 93 per cent of the companies surveyed agreed – data analytics was crucial to their industry.

As a result, it has become increasingly important that workers can use technology to increase efficiency and reduce risk.

Position Partners has prioritised this with its range of Topcon machine control and positioning systems.

The technology, which automatically calculates loads, is far advanced from the old method of manually recording and tracking the load amounts. The previous method allowed for human error, increased wait times and left production as an afterthought.

When used to their full extent, Position Partners’ heavy machinery solutions provide a complete management tool that optimises productivity in a quarry.

The company is the first in Australia to be trade certified with the Loadmaster Alpha 100 loader scale. It enables workers to automatically and accurately track how much material is loaded by the loader into the truck.

In quarries, every minute counts and can make or break the bottom line.

“If you’re days away from your base, you need to be able to get that data there straight away,” Position Partners’ client success manager Chris Nussey said.

“On these big sites,being able to know what it is and where it is at any given time is vital.

“Cash flow is king, and you have to get invoices out because any delay in that is detrimental to the business.”

Fitted out with GPS, data storage as well as mobile and internet connectivity, the Loadmaster’s Sitelink package can instantly send back data to managers to make informed decisions.

The Loadmaster’s Sitelink package can connect to the Topcon Haul App on workers’ phones to track operator usage and can be integrated as part of a worker-friendly interface that is easy to use.

This enables workers to provide information on travel delays or additional information management needs to know to make production decisions.

The introduction of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s Chain of Responsibility legislation has made easy access to information even more critical.

The rules mean everyone who works with heavy vehicles can be held responsible for breaches of road laws and may be legally liable if they have control over the transport – not just the driver or operator of the heavy vehicle.

Accurate data sets ensure machines are loaded correctly the first time and save companies from headaches down the line.

Clients have told Position Partners how they have used the Loadmaster to improve driving routes on-site to increase productive time and decrease fuel burn.

They achieved this by using Topcon’s Sitelink platform, which is cloud-based, and connected to the GPS. It delivers an accurate map of the site which is updated every five seconds

“The jobs are done live, and all the information is stored in the cloud from the location to destinations, vehicle registrations and everything you would need to record manually,” Nussey said.

“By tracking the fuel usage and powering down on that you can improve productivity.

“You can redesign the site based on this data, so you don’t have to drive so far so you save on fuel and maintenance.

“It is a huge productivity and management tool that helps the machine on-site as well as the admin back in the office.”

Dodging downtime

To avoid lengthy periods of downtime customers need to access after-sales service which can get machines running again.

Position Partners has offices in every state and territory throughout Australia, as well as New Zealand, Indonesia and Singapore.

In addition, the company’s Tokara platform offers customers access to fast, remote support wherever they are working without the need to wait for a technician to come to the site.

Recently, Nussey was able to provide technical support to a mining operation in Laos in Southeast Asia from his home office in Australia.

“If the machines are set up with a modem we can dial into that machine and I can drive the buttons and everything on that scale,” Nussey said.

“I can help add things or modify things or a software update remotely and we don’t have to be on-site.

“We can do any modifications or support to the system that a customer requires from our laptops.”

In an increasingly data-driven industry, Nussey said the company’s quarrying solutions enable customers to have easy access to make informed decisions to keep sites productive.

“The Loadmaster has been around for many years and has to be one of the most common on the market but that’s because it is proven to work,” Nussey said.

“The most common comment we get back from customers is how easy and straightforward they are to use.

“Loader scales are a dime a dozen and they all come out with a number, but the Loadmaster’s interface enables everyone to easily use it and all the features.

“It makes life easy.”

For more information, positionpartners.com.au

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