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Volvo’s rigid haulers to set new standard for Aussie market


CJD Equipment, Volvo Construction Equipment’s national Australian distributor, will soon be introducing the much-anticipated R100E and R60E rigids into the Australian market, along with full aftermarket care service, parts, and consultation support to customers.

As the Australian quarry industry continues to evolve, it is essential to stay ahead of the game with innovative equipment that enhances productivity, operator well-being and safety.  

Volvo’s new rigid haulers are made for surface mining and quarrying applications where operation costs and safety are critical.

“The Volvo R100E is an impressive design that offers a good balance between productivity, fuel efficiency, comfort, ease of maintenance and safety,” CJD Equipment’s national product manager for Volvo CE Hayden Grant said


The E-Series R100E is a completely new 95-tonne rigid hauler that combines market and customer knowledge with proven components, innovative technologies, and a striking new design.

The R100E is equipped with a robust 783 kW tier two engine, boasting exceptional horsepower and ensures maximum efficiency and productivity even in the most challenging terrains.

Thanks to its V-shaped body, the 60.4m3 capacity hauler ensures optimum load retention and minimal material carry-back. The R100E is designed with a lower center of gravity and even weight distribution, which spreads the load impacts and structural stresses equally across the hauler, resulting in less wear on the tires and significantly reduced operating costs.

Similarly, the Volvo R60E is made to effortlessly take on steep gradients and improve cycle times with high torque capabilities and high drive axle multiplication, delivering impressive tractive force and high levels of rimpull. This 55-tonne machine offers a 36.04m3 capacity and 715hp, making it the perfect match for the EC950E excavator.

“Built for markets with tier 2-compliant engines and based on the R100E model, the R60E packs a higher payload than the D-generation model it replaces, enabling it to move more for less with every cycle,” Grant said.

Volvo’s dynamic shift control makes gear selection automatic to adapt to varying conditions. ECO mode enables the hauler to default to the most efficient gear-shifting schedule while the auto engine-idle shut-down eliminates excess fuel consumption.

Operators can take their productivity to the next level with Volvo’s onboard weighing system. The system uses sensors and advanced technology to measure the weight of the load carried by the rigid in real-time, ensuring that the rigid is not overloaded, maximising productivity and reducing transportation costs.


The Volvo rigids have been designed with the operator in mind.

Both the R100E and the R60E cab are designed with access from both sides of the machine using anti-slip steps and walkways, and features a left-hand side positioned operator station and adjustable air-suspended seat.

To optimise operator comfort and safety the two new rigids feature two standard retardation systems for enhanced downhill machine control. The transmission retarder prevents wheel lock-up while the modulating rear brake retarder, with an automatic apply function, helps to maintain a controlled engine speed.

Other protective features include transmission overspeed protection, neutral coast inhibitor, fail-safe braking and secondary steering systems.

Volvo’s robust R100E and R60E are equipped with a responsive MacPherson strut with lower wishbone connection and viscous-mounted cab, minimising the transfer of impact and vibrations from the ground to the operator.

This system is designed to absorb shocks and vibrations, providing superior handling and increased stability in both straight-line and cornering scenarios.

Volvo’s R60E and R100E provide increased visibility. Volvo CE incorporates large windows and advanced camera systems to eliminate blind spots and provide operators with a better view of the working area, increasing job site safety.

The left-position operator system provides an unobstructed view of the surrounding area, while Volvo’s Smart View has been integrated into the new rigid’s to ensure that operators have a 360-degree bird’s-eye-view of the work zone, ensuring safe operation in confined working areas.

The Volvo rigids also host a range of comfort-enhancing features including climate control, ergonomically positioned displays, responsive fingertip controls and a Bluetooth-enabled audio system.

Servicing of the R60E and R100E is required every 500 hours and can be completed swiftly thanks to a straightforward machine design that includes grouped maintenance points located within easy reach either from the ground or the service platform, as well as common-sized bearings throughout. On-board diagnostics provide insights into system pressures and temperatures, and fault reporting to facilitate troubleshooting.

While not currently available in Australia, Volvo R100E and R60E represent a groundbreaking leap in the world of rigids. The combination of power, efficiency, safety, and sustainability sets new industry standards, making it a top choice for quarry and mining professionals worldwide.

With these factors in mind, Volvo is ready to steer the Australian heavy machinery industry into a new era.

For more information, visit cjd.com.au

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