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A new dawn for Caterpillar’s medium wheel loader


As quarries search for the newest ways to improve productivity, the next generation of Cat wheel loaders shows promise. 

The new Cat 950 and 962 wheel loaders are the result of a new era of design that promises to increase productivity.

The two models pack in versatility with the full features of a larger wheel loader. These smaller tractors excel in the toughest applications, while service intervals are extended to lower maintenance costs by up to 30 per cent.

Caterpillar’s data shows an increase in productivity by up to 10 per cent over the previous M series models.

“All six models in the updated 950 to 982 range represent a new generation in wheel loader performance and design created over a 60-year history of manufacturing front-end loaders,” Caterpillar’s product application specialist Dick Mars said.

“These years of research, coupled with customer panellists and surveys, resulted in feedback in the development of a new breed of machines that excel in performance, efficiency, safety and comfort.”

The Cat C7.1 USA EPA T3 emissions-level engine offers high power density with a combination of proven electronics, fuel, and air systems. Electric fuel priming pump, fuel-water separator and secondary fuel filter combine with component design and machine validation to offer unmatched reliability and uptime.

Caterpillar has updated several features in the cabin to increase comfort for workers.


Quarries are constantly looking for ways to lower maintenance time and costs to improve operations.

Caterpillar kept this front of mind when designing the new 950 and 962 range. Ongoing filter and fluid costs are up to 30 per cent lower on the new models due to new change intervals. Caterpillar increased parts commonality across the wheel loader range to assist reduce owning and operating costs and less waste.

Remote troubleshooting helps to efficiently diagnose problems, so the loader can get back to work quickly. Connecting the machine to a Caterpillar dealer’s service department ensures the new loaders operate with the most up-to-date software. Remote flash pushes software updates to the machine in the background and installation can be initiated by the customer in a safe manner, reducing impact on production schedules. An app helps to manage fleet location, hours, and maintenance schedules and provides alerts for required maintenance.

Alongside this, the new 950 and 962 can be configured directly from the Caterpillar factory with industry application-specific configurations to optimise performance and machine durability in the toughest applications.

The updated Cat advanced payload gives real-time ‘weigh on the go’ payload.


The entire operating environment inside the cab has also been transformed.

Standard features inside the ergonomically improved cab include a new updated seat. All-around visibility is achieved through the cab’s floor-to-ceiling windshield, large mirrors with integrated spot mirrors and rear-vision camera and placing a next-gen modular instrument pod on the B-post.

“We take safety to the next level with Cat detect technology. It’s like our cars where an audible and visual alarm sounds when you are reversing close to objects behind you, the new next generation of wheel loaders is built with safety in mind,” Mars said.

“We want to keep the job site safe for everyone and the enhanced features in the cab such as standard monitored seat belts with an optional exterior beacon feature for supervisors to elevate job site safety and the cab windshield which extends from floor-to-ceiling improves visibility.”


All models in the updated 950 and 962 loader series feature standard Cat payload with assistance for accurate weighing of bucket payloads, so operators can load to target the first time every time. Real-time data is fed to the operator display and allows a manual tip-off function to improve final bucket adjustments and truckload accuracy.

Software enhancements released in 2022 are available to all models in the Next Gen Range but are standard from the factory on the 950 and 962 platforms. These include split loading for multiple target payloads including audible alarms, improved decimal place accuracy, target weight shortcuts and a new deceleration pedal logic built into the Cat integrated braking system.

The updated Cat advanced payload gives real-time ‘weigh on the go’ payload accuracy to give operators confidence when loading trucks, stockpiling, hoppers and so on. By loading accurately the first time, helps reduce fuel burn and lessen operator fatigue.

All next gen loaders can be updated with new feature sets. It allows owners to extend their return on investment.

As part of the Cat advanced payload system, the roll-out of the integrated on-board job ticketing system with weighbridge connectivity has already proven a game-changer for quarry operations without weighbridges. This system calculates material weight in real time by using data from sensors that measure bucket position and loader frame position, as well as hydraulic pressure.

Bucket payloads are transferred to the truck cumulative payload weight as soon as an estimated weight is calculated. The wheel loader operator can see the cumulative payload weight and receive overload alerts if the bucket weight exceeds the payload limit. The system can be configured with conventional paper tickets, or it can be sent via email.•

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