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‘We are excited’: Quarries key to Cemex’s Spain push

CEMEX aims to attribute half of its cement and concrete sales to low-carbon options by 2025 and will increase investment in carbon capture.

One of Europe’s primary cement suppliers, Cemex, has acquired two new quarries as part of a significant push to increase its Spanish operations.

Cemex has unveiled the acquisition of two cement plants near Madrid to expand its aggregate supply, specifically limestone, in Europe.

President of Cemex Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, Sergio Menéndez, said the company was excited about the acquisitions.

“These acquisitions strengthen our existing network and enable us to better serve a growing market with high-quality, sustainable, and circular products,” he said.

“We are excited to be part of Madrid’s growth, which contributes to improving the quality of life of its residents and setting an example for more sustainable and circular cities.”

The quarry acquisition comes after Cemex acquired a mortar plant near Madrid intended to serve the city’s ongoing renovation and urban expansion.

Cemex will partner with a third-party waste management facility to help build on the company’s circular economy plans as part of the acquisition.


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