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Prox-Eye: Clear Vision, Safer Quarrying with Sitech Solutions

Sitech Solutions

In the demanding world of quarrying and mining, safety is paramount.

Heavy machinery and human workers navigate complex environments, facing potential collision risks and hazardous terrains. In a groundbreaking development, Correct-AI, a Canadian leader in industrial robotics and artificial intelligence technology, has partnered with Sitech Solutions to exclusively distribute and support their Prox-Eye proximity awareness system across Australia and New Zealand.

This collaboration marks a significant step in enhancing safety and efficiency within the quarry industry.

The Prox-Eye system combines cutting-edge technology to create a comprehensive solution for collision warnings and terrain hazards. By integrating HD Cameras, LiDAR sensors, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, the system offers an intelligent and cost-effective approach to managing challenges on worksites. This innovative approach not only ensures safety but also contributes to increased efficiency and productivity.

Sitech Solutions’ technical product specialist, Nick Pryke, spoke to Quarry about the significance of Prox-Eye in enhancing workplace safety.

Sitech Solutions
The only system to combine HD camera, LiDAR technology and AI software, Prox-Eye is the most precise object detection technology available.

The Most Precise Object Detection Technology Available

The heart of Prox-Eye lies in its unique combination of camera, LiDAR, and AI technologies. This synergy empowers equipment operators with intelligent warnings of potential interactions with humans and machines and imminent rollover risks.

What sets Prox-Eye apart is its ability to provide accurate alerts in any environmental condition, from complete darkness and fog to dust and direct sunlight. The system’s real-time monitoring and recording of events also enable comprehensive future evaluation.

“The Prox-Eye system is the most precise object detection technology available. No other system offers the combination of camera, LiDAR, and AI that form part of this reliable solution, making it the most advanced system on the market,” Pryke said.

Sitech Solutions
Prox-Eye ensures reliable detection regardless of environmental conditions such as dust, darkness, fog and snow.

Prox-Eye for an Accident-Free Worksite

But what exactly is Prox-Eye, and why should quarry companies consider implementing it?

At its core, Prox-Eye is a compact proximity detection system designed to prevent incidents and increase operator confidence. By identifying the presence of workers in the vicinity, the system acts as an additional layer of control, contributing to an accident-free industrial worksite. Live data feeds allow real-time monitoring and trend analysis, providing a simple-to-interpret dashboard for hazard alerts.

One of the critical advantages of Prox-Eye is its low false-positive alert rate. The AI software is fine-tuned to focus on humans and light vehicles, reducing unnecessary alarms. Furthermore, the system’s LiDAR technology ensures reliable detection regardless of environmental conditions, ensuring workers’ safety even in challenging situations.

Sitech Solutions’ vision for Prox-Eye is clear: to create an incident-free industrial workplace. The Prox-Eye system aligns perfectly with this mission, offering a revolutionary approach to safety management in the quarry industry. With its cost-effective design, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive support from Sitech Solutions, Prox-Eye is set to redefine safety standards and drive productivity gains within the sector.

Siamak Akhlaghi, chief executive officer of Correct-AI, said he was enthusiastic about the partnership.

“We are thrilled to have SITECH Solutions join us to offer our unique, state-of-the-art safety systems to the construction industry and beyond,” he said.

“Sitech Solutions is a valuable distributor and partner for Correct-AI with extensive experience and expertise in high-tech industrial equipment.”

In a world where technology continues to shape industries, Prox-Eye stands as a testament to the power of innovation in safeguarding lives and improving operations.

As quarry companies strive for excellence in safety and efficiency, the Prox-Eye system emerges as a beacon of hope, leading the way toward a safer and more productive future.

For more information, go to www.sitechsolutions.com.au.

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