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Tecweigh delivers Aussie quality to quarry sites


Tecweigh’s latest conveyer belt scales are designed for weighing in the quarry industry in all conditions.

In an industry that needs tailored solutions and quick turnarounds, Tecweigh’s Australian advantage has shone through for the customers in the quarry sector.

The Australian manufacturer has been producing a range of conveyor belt scales, weigh belt feeders and volumetric feeders for two decades from its Melbourne base.

Being an Australian-made brand ensures Tecweigh’s custom-engineered products can perform dynamic measuring in the harshest of conditions.

Barry Gamble, Tecweigh’s business development manager, said being a local manufacturer has allowed the company to keep costs down and ensure continued supply.

“We do all our manufacturing in Carrum Downs, Melbourne, which gives us a fast response time,” he said.

“We can normally deliver what the client needs within seven to 10 days.”

Dynamic measuring is a key component in the quarrying industry which helps relay accurate information to customers.

Without accurate information about how much material is being conveyed, monitoring, storage management and feed metering become incredibly difficult.

To ensure its products are reliable in Australia’s often-harsh conditions and provide accurate information, Tecweigh uses stainless steel, hermetically sealed IP68 load cells designed to provide accuracies of ± 0.5 or ± 0.25 per cent for its weigh belt feeders and conveyer belt scales.

The weigh idler system has been designed to be easy to calibrate to provide consistent accuracy. Its volumetric feeders have a range of up to 32,000 litres per hour with single or dual drives.

Its weigh belt feeders can also be manufactured to specific lengths and widths, using powder-coated mild steel or stainless steel, depending on the application.

“Custom designs are our standard. Whether it is chemicals, crushed stone, sand, coal, or materials that are low density, sticky, or abrasive, we specialise in building the equipment needed to accurately weigh it,” Gamble said.

“Our products are also designed for heavy-duty work and have been proven over time to be accurate in some of the world’s harshest environments.”

With more than 100 years of industry experience collectively among its employees, the company is continuing to look for new innovations.

Gamble said that in addition to its main range of products, the company is increasing its range with a new loss in weight controller.

“It uses an Australian-designed and built signal conditioner circuit board, deployed at the heart of Tecweigh’s measuring and metering products,” he said.

“The loss in weight controller gives users greater accuracy for dispensing products and provides an extra layer of control over an ordinary volumetric feeder by using feedback from a scale.”

The fact it is based in Australia means Tecweigh can also offer local after-sales support. The company maintains a significant stock inventory for its conveyor belt scales, volumetric feeders, and weigh belt feeders. It also offers field service support and spare parts supply.

From humble beginnings, Tecweigh has built its bespoke business to provide weighing-in-motion solutions for industries nationally and internationally.

The company has built a long-lasting relationship with its own local suppliers and aims to further grow in the industry.

For more information visit tecweigh.com.au

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