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SKF’s Microlog Analyzer: redefining maintenance standards


Quarries are always after tools that can improve productivity and help management make informed decisions. SKF has delivered its latest innovation to help quarries do all that and more with the Microlog Analyzer dBX.

The quarry industry necessitates robust and efficient tools to ensure safety, enhance productivity, and maintain equipment reliability. In response to this, SKF has manufactured the SKF Microlog Analyzer dBX, with the goal of setting new standards for predictive maintenance in this sector.

“The SKF Microlog Analyser dBX has been meticulously crafted with a strong focus on user requirements,” SKF’s Head of Connected Technology Vish Arora said.

“Its user-centricity makes it more intuitive and efficient than any other tool in its category, featuring a 10.1-inch high-resolution touchscreen which has been optimised for field usage, ensuring easy viewing even in challenging quarry conditions.”

Efficiency is crucial in quarrying operations, Arora said how the incorporation of the Multi-Point Acquisition (MPA) system sets the Analyzer dBX apart.

“Our MPA system, which is SKF’s fastest vibration analysis method, ensures the Analyzer works three times faster than its predecessors,” he says.

Understanding the importance of user-friendly tools in quarry terrains, Arora elaborates on the improved interface of the Analyzer dBX.

“The physical backlit keypad and touchscreen are glove-friendly, a critical feature for quarry workers,” Arora said. “Additionally, the device is equipped with SKF gE enveloping, allowing operators to assess the condition of rolling element bearings promptly.”

“The device’s ability to display up to six measurement windows simultaneously provide operators with a holistic view of machinery health in real-time.”

Arora said the rugged design of the Analyzer dBX could address the tough and demanding conditions of quarry sites.

“With dust and water-ingress protection up to IP65, and features like an onboard camera and RFID reader, we ensure both durability and precision.”

The Analyzer dBX offers extended battery life and ample storage, making it ideal for rigorous fieldwork.

“The battery is designed to support up to 8 hours of continuous data collection, along with 256 GB of storage,” Arora said. “This ensures professionals can proceed with their tasks without frequent interruptions due to battery recharges.”

“Whether used as a standalone or integrated with SKF’s monitoring software like the SKF @ptitude Analyst, the Analyzer dBX remains unparalleled in versatility, offering profound insights into machine health and ensuring seamless data flow.”

The versatility of the Analyzer dBX, can be used as a standalone tool or integrated with SKF’s monitoring software like the SKF @ptitude Analyst. This integration provides profound insights into machine health and ensures seamless data flow.

Available in both standard and extended editions, the SKF Microlog Analyzer dBX is meticulously tailored to cater to a diverse range of analytical requirements. This tool exemplifies SKF’s dedication to innovation and effectiveness, solidifying its position as a global leader in maintenance technology across various industries.

“Our driving philosophy is to enhance product longevity and efficiency. By creating products that are lighter, enduring, and, importantly, repairable, we’re not just enhancing performance but significantly reducing environmental impact,” Arora said.

With a rich legacy dating back to its establishment in 1907, SKF proudly boasts a global presence, spanning around 129 countries and bolstered by approximately 17,000 distributor locations worldwide.

This extensive reach is a testament to SKF’s steadfast commitment to driving progress and innovation across industries on a global scale.

For professionals seeking to enhance their maintenance strategies, the SKF Microlog Analyzer dBX proves to be an invaluable asset. To explore this cutting-edge predictive tool, click here.

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