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Sand quarry tipped for Clarence Valley


A developer has submitted multi-million dollar plans for a new sand quarry in the Clarence Valley which would be a boom for the area.

The site would border Fortis Creek National Park and includes environmental rehabilitation plans to help boost “creek flow” and biodiversity in the area according to the submission.

Telluric Sands is the developer behind the exciting new concept which would build a “sand extraction industry” in the Clarence Valley according to plans submitted.

The plans estimate the company could extract 200,000 tonnes from the site annually for nearly two decades.  The developer estimated 48 truckloads per day or nearly 100 trucks in peak times.San

According to plans submitted to the local council, the new business would be of “significant value” to the local community. Sand has become an increasingly valuable resource after the United Nations recently warned about a sand shortage across the globe.

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