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Glasshouse Quarry planned for expansion

Glasshouse Quarry

One of the leading Sunshine Coast quarries is set to make a major statement by doubling its production level with upgrades. 

Hanson Construction Materials is behind the Glasshouse Quarry’s push to increase production by relocating its processing plant and expanding its depth of extraction.

Hanson has controlled the site for nearly two decades, but the quarry’s history extends into the 1976 as one of the Sunshine Coast’s productive quarries.

Hanson has submitted plans to the Sunshine Coast Council to increase production levels to 1.2 million due to the fast-growing rates of population and development in the area.

“Securing the operational future of the existing quarry will allow us to keep up with the demand for quarry products, which are essential for small residential projects through to major state and council infrastructure programs,” Hanson Glasshouse Quarry manager Chris Wilson told the Courier Mail.

The company has also submitted to extend its operational hours for blasting from 9am to 3 pm on Monday and Friday to 9am to 5pm on those days and 6am to 6pm on Saturdays for other operations, not including blasting.

“Hanson is committed to operating respectfully within the local community to minimise impacts from our operations to the greatest extent possible,” Wilson said.

The plans outline a two stage process.  The first stage would involve extraction of up to 900,000 tpa – relying on the existing processing plant, while the final phase would deliver the plant relocation and extraction of 1.2 million tpa.

“The DA is supported by detailed technical assessments by experts which confirm the existing quarry can operate with the proposed changes and continue to comply with the existing noise, vibration and air quality requirements,” Wilson said.

Hanson is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of essential materials to the construction industry, providing reliable and high-quality rock, gravel, road base, sand, premixed concrete, and asphalt.

More than 70 per cent of materials from Glasshouse Quarry supply local projects, including family homes, hospitals, schools, roads, airport runways and sea walls.

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