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Delta Rent helps operators stay on top of the sand pit

Delta Rent

Holcim Australia’s Grantville Quarry utilises two articulated dump trucks and two front-loaders to stay on top of the competition, thanks to a partnership with Delta Rent.

The Grantville Quarry, which is a joint venture between Holcim and Boral, has relied on rented machines from Delta Rent for more than a decade, to ensure it can meet demanding workloads. The quarry supplies Holcim and Boral internally with sand for manufacturing concrete.

Holcim Australia’s Grantville Quarry site supervisor Ron Walker said with the operation being a joint venture, using machinery from Delta on-site provided access to the latest machines without significant up front investment.

Holcim Grantville has two L260Hs on-site and has been impressed with its handling of on-site conditions.

Delta’s rental division, established in 2005, offers flexible short-term, medium, and long-term rental plans to help any site or project-specific requirement.  The heavy plant hire division operates across Australia with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

“As we operate a joint venture between Boral and Holcim we tend not to own our equipment/machinery,” Walker said.

“So, we partner with Delta Rent – giving our employees access to the latest state-of-the-art reliable machines. This is imperative as our operation is reasonably high hours for a rental.”

Holcim’s Grantville site, located around 90 minutes from Melbourne, needed machines that could handle the clay track around the site in the wet and sodden tracks in the Victorian winter.

The Volvo L260H’s larger bucket capacity of 7.1 cubic metres compared to previous models to improve efficiency.

Delta Rent, which has one of the largest rental fleets in Australia, supplied the Victorian operation with two articulated dump trucks and two front-wheel loaders.

The articulated dump trucks are designed for off-road sites which require heavy-duty usage, predictive gear selection, downhill speed control and a high payload capability.

Walker said it was crucial Delta Rent was able to match the needs of the site with machines in its fleet.

“They run through pretty hard conditions in winter and all our tracks are clay, which can become quite wet. Despite the weather conditions, we still need to operate as much as we can,” Walker said.

“Delta Rent provides us with very reliable trucks, along with superior comfort for the operators.”

One of the key features the front end wheel loaders offer is a large capacity of 7.1 cubic metres, allowing 11.5 per cent more material to be loaded than previous models. This enables the road trucks to be loaded and sent out faster, increasing the site’s efficiency.

Delta Rent Account Manager Andrew Hagan said the company focused on the customer’s needs, with a rental and service based model that customers can rely on to help operations run smoothly.

In the case of the articulated hauler, its ability to handle “wet and uneven terrain very well” became a major factor given Holcim’s Grantville site, according to Hagan.

“The turnaround time to get trucks in and loaded was definitely seen as a benefit because they didn’t want trucks lining up at the gate, you just want them out.”

“Fuel burn was also a critical factor to the operation to lower production costs.”

“The support and 24–7 service Delta Rent provides is reliable, consistent, and gives our customers comfort knowing they can access immediate help when they need it,” he said.

Delta Rent provides maintenance on the high-risk and capital-intensive machines to ease pressures for workers on-site.

The support system minimises unexpected maintenance and associated downtime.

“We rely on Delta’s after-hours service, so when something breaks down and we need it repaired pretty quickly, they’re onto it immediately,” Walker said.

“I manage the gear and liaise with Delta to do all the repairs and upkeep of the trucks. They’re usually pretty prompt getting out and getting the gear repaired as quickly as they can, which works for us because if the machine isn’t running, it is downtime for us and loss of production.”

Walker, who has spent around 40 years in the industry, really appreciates the level of service and quality of the machines.

“They’ve always been a good company to deal with, and they’re very good at keeping their gear on the move,” Walker said.

“Knowing Delta Rent is there helps us maintain focus on our core business.” 

For more information visit deltagroup.com.au

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