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Tricon provides premium pugmills

Tricon Pugmills play a crucial role in the production process by efficiently mixing and blending the necessary materials.

They are used to blend various aggregates together to create a consistent and well-graded mixture. Aggregates such as crushed stone, gravel, sand, or recycled materials like reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) are fed into the pugmill.

Pugmills allow for the addition of binding agents to the aggregates. These binding agents can include cement, lime, or bitumen emulsion. The binding agent is introduced into the pugmill and thoroughly mixed with the aggregates to ensure proper adhesion and strength.

They also help in controlling the moisture content of the roadbase material. Water is added to the pugmill in precise amounts to achieve the desired moisture level. This is crucial for proper compaction and workability of the roadbase.

The rotating shaft with blades or paddles inside the pugmill thoroughly mixes and blends the aggregates, binding agents, and water. The continuous mixing action ensures a uniform distribution of materials, resulting in a consistent roadbase mixture.

Pugmills can de-air the roadbase mixture, removing excess air voids and improving the density and compaction characteristics of the material. This is achieved by subjecting the mixture to kneading and compression forces as it passes through the pugmill.

The mixed and processed roadbase material is extruded from the pugmill through a discharge opening or conveyor belt. The pugmill allows for precise control over the output rate, ensuring a consistent supply of roadbase for construction purposes.

By incorporating a pugmill into the roadbase production process, the mixing, blending, and homogenisation of materials are efficiently achieved, resulting in a high-quality and durable roadbase material ready for use in road construction or other civil engineering applications.

Tricon Equipment supplies a broad range of pugmills, including the Tricon Phoenix Track Mounted Pugmill, the Lippmann LS-Series Triple Deck High Energy Screeners, and the Superior TeleStacker Conveyor.

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