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Marble quarry inspires boutique fashion store

Marble has inspired Nikos Athina

Quarries have played inspiration to film backdrops to concert venues but a boutique fashion store in Greece may be a new one for the industry. 

Boutique fashion brand Nikos Athina, known for its men’s and women’s swimwear and clothing, has adorned some of the world’s biggest celebrities.

Nikos Athina channelled its Greek heritage into its latest showroom design, which was planned by Saint of Athens creative agency, to resemble a marble quarry on the island of Mykonos.

Saint of Athens worked with a marble expert company Form to Matter to ensure the marble quarry design resembled its Greek surroundings. The store features Dionysos marble which is understood to have been used in constructing masterpieces like the Parthenon in Greece.

Marble still plays an important part in the Greek economy. Greece, along with the likes of Italy, Turkey and India, are trusted providers of the highly durable stone which is popular for domestic builds, particularly in Australia.

Using specifically cut marble blocks to create a full mock-up of the store and then shipped to Mykonos to make the quarry-inspired site.

The end result is a strikingly white showroom that carries the raw authenticity of Greek excavation with its rich heritage in the quarrying space.

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