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Tutt Bryant offers new crystal ball for Australian quarries

Tutt Bryant

Unscheduled maintenance is the bane of most Australian quarries’ existence.  

Often situated in remote and rugged parts of the country, quarries are constantly pushing machines to their limit to produce materials that go on to be used in key infrastructure projects, housing developments or road projects across the country. For metro and remote quarries, unscheduled maintenance can be a source of frustration which results in downtime and hurts the company’s bottom line.

Sometimes it can seem like quarries just need a crystal ball which is why Tutt Bryant is offering the next best thing with its 12-month wear parts forecasting service for Metso OEM products.

The service will allow quarries to plan for maintenance of their Metso crushing and screening products to better manage operating equipment and improve site efficiency.

The forecasting service allows clients to receive five key benefits which will optimise their business.

Predictive Maintenance:

This service allows you, with our help, to forecast your wear parts’ lifecycles accurately, allowing for proactive rather than reactive maintenance, thereby preventing unexpected downtime.

Cost Savings:

Knowing when a part is likely to wear out can save significant costs by avoiding unnecessary part replacements, sudden machine failure, or costly repairs.

Tutt Bryant has announced a new Metso OEM 12-month wear parts forecasting service.

Supply Chain Optimisation:

The 12-month forecasting service will enable you, with our help, to effectively plan and order wear parts well ahead of time, thus reducing lead times and ensuring part availability when needed.

Increased Productivity:

With decreased downtime and improved maintenance scheduling, the overall productivity of your operations will increase. The result? More output with the same amount of input.

Quality Assurance:

Metso OEM parts are designed and manufactured to Metso’s exacting quality standards, ensuring the site can receive parts that are not only reliable and long-lasting but also compatible with existing Metso equipment.

For more information about the service, contact Tutt Bryant Equipment at tuttbryant.com.au

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