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Crawford quarry helps keep American football oval in play

Quarries and football fields have very few crossover opportunities but an American quarry saved football in Crawford. 

A Crawford Quarry has supplied water to the local football field to help ensure it stays alive and in playable condition after the town deals with water restrictions.

The quarry has water provided by rainfall rather than nearby Tonk Creek, Wasp Creek or the Middle Bosque River. This enabled the quarry operation to supply enough water for the football field. Water has been taken from the quarry via truck to the field where it is hooked up to a sprinkler and used to revitalise the sporting arena.

The recent heat in Crawford had baked the playing field with the quarry’s water helping maintain the safety and usability of the American football field. The quarry is providing the water for free at the moment according to reports.

Lhoist plant manager Steve Pelletier said the quarry wanted to support the community’s sporting teams.

“We support the athletic teams and the schools, so when the maintenance people at the high school called us and asked if we could help them with water, we found a way to donate enough water for one field,” Pelletier told the Waco-Tribune Herald. 

The town is currently in stage five of water restrictions after one of the wells had a casing failure with work ongoing on a third well.

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