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Pugmill blades’ crucial role

When it comes to achieving maximum productivity in the pugmill process, one crucial component plays a significant role: the pugmill blades. 

Sometimes referred to as pugmill paddles, paddle blades, or paddle tips, these precision-engineered blades are designed to enhance performance and deliver exceptional results.

Quarry spoke to Precisionscreen’s chief executive Johnny McMurtry about the company’s Pugmill options last year and about the company’s growing reputation in Australia and internationally.

“We take pride in designing and manufacturing Australian machines which are reflective of Australian conditions and customer’s requirements or expectations,” McMurtry told Quarry last year.

“However, our expertise and reach doesn’t solely benefit Australia.

“We also proudly export a number of machines to Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji and Pacific Islands, plus countries outside of Australasia, such as Italy, UK and Ireland and USA.”

Precisionscreen, a leading provider of innovative screening and crushing solutions, understands the importance of reliable and efficient pugmill operations, and their high-quality pugmill blades are engineered to meet these demands.

Constructed from a high-strength metal alloy, Precisionscreen pugmill blades are built to withstand the challenges of handling harsh and abrasive products.

These blades can endure the demanding conditions commonly encountered in pugmill operations.

Their robust design ensures longevity and reduces the need for frequent replacements, saving both time and money for operators.

For more information, check out precisionscreen.com.au.

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