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Revealed: Queensland bitumen and asphalt plant for sale


An impressive foam bitumen and cold mix asphalt plant which can produce up to 400 tonnes per hour has hit the market. 

The world of road construction has seen significant advancements in recent years, with one of the most promising innovations being foam bitumen. This ground-breaking technology has emerged as a superior alternative to traditional road construction materials, presenting a range of benefits that extend beyond mere cost savings.

This is why this new foam bitumen and cold mix asphalt plant, which can produce up to 400 tonnes per hour, is proving to be a hot ticket in today’s market.

Located in Yatala in Queensland, features a wide range of capabilities including being able to produce foam bitumen base courses, cold mix asphalt, precoated aggregates, cement/lime blended aggregates as well as other options.

More infrastructure projects are looking at foam bitumen as the infrastructure material of the future.

Foam bitumen offers unparalleled durability, making it a compelling choice for road construction projects.

By incorporating a precise mix of bitumen, water, and air, this material forms a resilient foam that exhibits excellent adhesion and elasticity.

As a result, roads constructed with foam bitumen can withstand heavy traffic loads, resist cracking and deformation, and have a significantly longer lifespan compared to traditional products.


Foam bitumen’s unique composition offers remarkable workability benefits. Its lower viscosity allows for easier mixing, handling, and placement during construction. This attribute is particularly advantageous in adverse weather conditions or when working with challenging soil types.

Moreover, the foamed mixture’s expanded volume fills voids and coats aggregates more uniformly, resulting in enhanced compaction and improved pavement quality. These factors collectively contribute to increased construction efficiency, reduced project timelines, and cost savings.

This asphalt plant is versatile.

While initial perceptions may assume foam bitumen to be costlier due to its innovative nature, it offers substantial long-term cost savings. The material’s enhanced durability translates into reduced maintenance and repair costs over the road’s lifespan.

Its efficient workability and reduced construction time lead to minimised labour and equipment expenses. When considering the overall lifecycle costs, foam bitumen emerges as an economically viable option for road construction projects.

The item is located in Yatala, Queensland.

As the industry puts more of a focus on the sustainable production of materials, the plant can produce recycled aggregates as well as eco-friendly options.

Foam bitumen stands out as an eco-friendly solution. It reduces the reliance on natural resources since it requires a lower quantity of bitumen compared to conventional asphalt mixes.

Foam bitumen allows for the incorporation of a higher percentage of recycled materials, such as reclaimed asphalt pavement and recycled concrete aggregates. By minimising waste and carbon footprint, foam bitumen paves the way for greener and more sustainable road construction practices.

Foam bitumen represents a significant leap forward in road construction technology, offering a host of benefits.

The state-of-the-art plant, built in 2021, has previously supplied high-quality foam bitumen to several specialised projects across Queensland.

It features a 27,000 transportable bitumen storage tank, a foam bitumen injection and mixing system as well as two 40,000I silos with weight scales.

The plant can produce a wide range of modified, stabilised, and blended products at high production rates. It is modular and can be mobilised to service major projects as required.

The plant is a SAE Fayat Marini brand and was newly built and installed in 2021 producing over 100,000t of product to date.

The plant is available through Grays, which specialise in selling high-quality items across the industrial sector including consumer and commercial goods.

Grays provides full national coverage across Australia with the benefit of an international network of buyers and sellers.

Expressions of interest for the asphalt plant can be made to Jake Samios at

The offers on the site close on July 12 by 5pm.

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