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Mining and quarry operations praised for actions

Adbri has secured a $11 million grant from the Government’s Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS) Hubs and Technologies Program to explore the manufacture of low emissions lime on a commercial scale with Calix

The Australian mining and related industries, including quarrying, have been praised for their efforts to transition the industries to low carbon futures. 

Low carbon and reducing emissions have been a major part of the industries’ approach to operations in recent years and a discussion point at a mining conference in Brisbane.

Emeritus Professor Mike Hood said the efforts of those in the cement and associated industries deserved praise for their efforts.

“Mining companies are actually all well engaged in using and improving existing technologies to reduce their emissions,” Hood said, mining and technology expert and Chair of the Program Committee for the World Mining Congress, 2023.

“Other players in the value chain, such as steel and cement companies, are developing, adapting and demonstrating new technologies for these downstream industries.”

Plotting a way to a low-carbon future for the mining and extractive industries is a key part of the 26th mining conference.

The subject was a key point of discussion on Wednesday and Thursday which were the penultimate and final days of the conference.

With several panels and thought-provoking discussions, low carbon was put at the forefront of discussion.

“The congress program offers multiple opportunities to learn about these developments so that we can better understand the progress being made towards emissions reduction,” Hood said.

The World Mining Congress was first held in 1958 in Poland. It has been held every two to three years ever since. It is UN-affiliated and continues to have a secretariat in Poland.

The 26th World Congress will be held for the first time in Australia, spanning the entire Brisbane Convention Centre from 26 to 29 June 2023. The Congress anticipates over 3000 participants from over 70 countries.

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