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Fulton Hogan reveals new crumb rubber facility

Launceston has a Fulton Hogan facility

A new Launceston facility has been designated to deliver a crumbed rubber blended product to help build infrastructure projects.   

Fulton Hogan is behind the project to help improve the material it is providing for roadwork operations across the state.

The Mowbray facility employs 50 workers and is part of the company’s push to provide sustainable materials to infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure Minister Michael Ferguson said the plan was part of the state’s push to grow its circular economy.

“(We are) is promoting the use of crumb rubber in road surfacing as part of our commitment to reducing waste,” Ferguson said.

“This is part of our investment in the resource recovery sector as we build our circular economy.

“Through the Department of State Growth, we are expanding the use of crumb rubber in the state road resurfacing program.

“We are providing $4 million over four years to assist the industry through the transition to using crumb rubber in road resurfacing and ensure there is no disruption to our roads program.”

Ferguson said the government was considering wider applications for the material in infrastructure projects.

“Nine sites will be targeted for resurfacing using crumb rubber in 2023-24, with consideration also given to including crumb rubber in some new construction projects,” Ferguson said.

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