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CJD Equipment expands product portfolio with Volvo

The 50t Volvo EC530E crawler excavator has landed in the local market, with Australian construction equipment and trucks distributor CJD Equipment having recently added the purpose-built machine – decked out to tackle a range of heavy-duty applications, including digging, mass excavation and large site preparation – to its product portfolio. 

As noted by CJD National Product Manager, Volvo Construction Equipment, Hayden Grant, the introduction of the powerful EC530E sees CJD not only broaden its product offering but also stake out territory in a new excavator weight class.

“We haven’t had the option of being able to provide our customers with a true 50 t excavator until now,” Hayden said.

“The EC530E was built specifically to compete in this class. Supported by the R&D that goes into the Volvo product, specifically the excavators, operators can expect a fuel-efficient and productive machine with world-class operator comfort.”

In fact, the EC530E – which Volvo advises features the highest engine power in its class, while delivering superior swing torque and tractive force – is geared to provide performance levels normally found in heavier machines.

“The EC530E was made to punch above its weight,” Hayden explained. “It delivers digging forces and a lifting capacity more commonly found in a 60 t machine.”

Productivity and efficiency: Streamlined excavator operations

When it comes to productivity, Volvo advises that the EC530E in conjunction with 30-40 t class Volvo articulated haulers has the capacity to reduce the number of required passes, with the potential to dramatically improve cycle times.

Hayden noted that the EC530E sports an extensive range of productivity and fuel-efficiency features, with one of the standout components for him being its advanced hydraulic system and, in particular, its main control valve.

“The EC530E comes standard with a next-generation electro-hydraulic system with Independent Metering Valve Technology (IMVT),” he commented. “This produces up to a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency.”

the EC530E features the highest engine power in its class according to Volvo.

Volvo advises that the IMVT system enables intelligent electronic control with more control variability, as compared to a conventional mechanically coupled hydraulic system, resulting in maximum controllability and efficiency in undertaking specific applications.

“The EC530E also features engine pump optimisation, which lowers engine rpm while optimising power, further contributing towards fuel efficiency,” Hayden added.

In addition to this, the EC530E’s productivity and efficiency features include:

  • Fuel Efficiency Reports – help to identify areas where improvements can be made, providing insights into the fuel performance of a fleet, across a site or for an individual machine
  • Attachments – Volvo attachments are designed to create a single solid and reliable unit, delivering faster and more fuel-efficient cycle times (the EC530E also features the necessary auxiliary piping to power hydraulic attachments)
  • On-Board Weighing (optional) – is part of the Dig Assist set of apps, powered by the 10” Volvo Co-Pilot display, providing real-time bucket weight information, ensuring the optimum amount of material is moved with every pass (it also records total tonnage, per shift or per day)


Operator ease of use, safety and comfort: Tackle tasks with confidence

Operator ease of use, safety and comfort are key, underlying focus areas spanning the design of the EC530E, effectively providing for both enhanced control and convenient operations, allowing operators to tackle a broad range of tasks with confidence.

As noted by Hayden, the IMVT system not only delivers fuel-efficiency benefits, but also paves the way for “a lot of cool new features”.

“This includes creep mode and motion priority functions, along with reduced boom and arm bouncing, as well as Comfort Drive Control, which is also an option,” he explained. “This makes the EC530E adaptable to any given task by the operator.

“The operator can easily select and adjust a number of functions, depending on personal preferences and the task at hand, including boom/swing and boom and travel priority, which enables prioritisation of one function over another.

“Operators can also easily adjust the boom down speed, which is ideal for precision tasks which require optimum control.”

In addition to this, the EC530E is decked out to deliver when it comes to safety and comfort, with the ROPS cab sporting an integrated air-conditioning and heating system, with pressurised and filtered cab air supplied by an automatically controlled fan.

Additional operator ease of use and comfort features include:

  • Visibility – designed to deliver best-in-class visibility, while the optional high-visibility cab and one-piece front window, along with rear and side-view cameras, provide for enhanced visibility (optional Volvo Smart View uses front, rear and side cameras to provide a real-time, overhead view of the machine)
  • Reduced shock and vibration levels – hydraulic dampening mounts reduce shock and vibration, while sound-absorbing lining means low noise levels
  • Ergonomic operator’s seat – the adjustable seat and joystick console move independently, accommodating the operator, with the seat featuring nine different adjustments plus a seat belt
  • Safe access – the cab has a wide door opening for easy access, while bolted anti-slip plates, high-visibility guardrails and handrails ensure enhanced levels of safety when negotiating the machine (an optional foldable cab entrance step and side walkways fold away to enable easier transportation)

Durability and maintenance: Power on through with limited downtime

The EC530E is designed to keep powering on through when the going gets tough, with it sporting an ultra-durable and reinforced undercarriage, which Volvo states provides the durability and strength expected from a 60 t machine.

In addition to this, it is equipped with a super-strong upper and lower frame, reinforced digging equipment, including a boom and arm with larger pin size, and electric connectors exceeding Ingress Protection 69K waterproofed standards.

Hydraulic pilot lines have also been removed, reducing the number of couplings required, paving the way for increased machine reliability.

“The EC530E will also have a reversible hydraulically driven fan as standard, keeping the cooling pack clean and clear, what is a must in tough conditions,” Hayden said.

The EC530E is designed to keep powering on through when the going gets tough

When it comes to maintenance, the EC530E provides for quick-and-easy servicing, with features including:

  • Upper structure access – three-point right-hand side access
  • Convenient servicing access – grouped filters are accessible from ground-level or the side walkway
  • Splash guard – on the UREA/DEF tank
  • Long uptime – with less interruptions due to 500-hour engine oil and engine oil filter change intervals
  • CareTrack telematic system (optional) – maximise machine uptime and reduce repair costs

CJD Equipment and Volvo: Partners for 30 years and still going strong

The launch of the EC530E coincides with the 30-year milestone of CJD’s partnership with Volvo, with CJD providing its nationwide customer base access to Volvo’s ever-evolving line of heavy-duty equipment, catering for the specific needs of different industry segments.

Hayden highlighted the strong relationship between the two, with CJD, which presides over a network of dealers and service centres located around the country, supporting its Volvo range with a comprehensive service offering.

“It’s a partnership that keeps getting bigger and better as innovation and technology grows, we couldn’t hope for a better partner in this space,” he commented.

CJD is committed to providing its customer base the most up-to-date product information and service techniques, while its streamlined national supply network sees parts quickly located and dispatched to customers when required.

Meanwhile, despite many of the challenges businesses have faced in recent years, Hayden pointed to the strong momentum CJD has been building throughout 2022, which has seen it continue to deliver its customers a high level of service, from sales through to after-sales.

“This year has been incredible, but also very challenging at the same time,” he said. “This has been the case for most businesses due to things like Covid, shipping, parts and machine delays, not to mention lack of skilled labour.

“As always though, we are staying positive for 2023, doing what we can now to support our customers. Our slogan reads ‘Big Enough to Trust, Small Enough to Care’, and I truly believe this, as I have seen it time and time again over the 13 years that I have worked for CJD.”

 Volvo EC530E specs

The EC530E weighs in at an operating weight of 53.14-57.3 t, with it featuring (based on an EC530EL machine configuration with retractable undercarriage, a 7 m boom, 3.35 m arm, and 10.6 t counterweight):

  • Engine – a 339 kW Volvo D13J engine using Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology (V-ACT), delivering lower emissions, superior performance and fuel efficiency, with precise, high-pressure fuel injectors, a turbocharger and intercooler, and electronic engine controls optimising machine performance
  • Bucket capacity – 2.4-4.2 m³
  • Lifting capacity, along undercarriage – 20.78 t
  • Maximum digging reach – 12.18 m
  • Maximum digging depth – 7.69 m
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