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Impress the inspectors with John Deere’s job site safety

John Deer

John Deere not only focuses on innovation in machines that make jobs easier and more efficient but also machines that make the job safer.

Industry workers all know that safety is the number one priority, especially given that the job site is never the same two days in a row.

Precision construction is about total control of what you’re doing with your machine and a way to do that is with John Deere’s obstacle intelligence system. Obstacle intelligence uses a combination of cameras, radar, and machine learning to protect anyone and anything in close proximity. And that’s better for everyone’s livelihood.

John Deere’s obstacle intelligence features rear camera monitors for the back and sides of the machine, in-cab displays put everything in front of you so blind spots are minimized and our mirror-mounted cameras provide an extra wide field of view greater than conventional mirrors.

Obstacle intelligence is only part of the overall precision construction offering in John Deere’s construction machines which also features grade management solutions and job site automation.

Operational intelligence helps you avoid downtime and make operational decisions based on real-time data. Machine monitoring and connected support keep you updated with machine and fleet performance, along with job progress. All to keep your business humming.

Knowing how over-grading, changes in work scope, understaffing and lack of time add up to rework. That’s why our flexible grade-management tools are engineered to minimise rework or avoid it altogether. Boost productivity and the bottom line with grade management solutions.

We’ve learned how to mitigate and compensate for long hours, bad weather, heavy materials, and labour shortages. Whether your operator’s a greenhorn or a 40-year-veteran, job site automation ekes out efficiency in every machine in your connected fleet to make the repetitive, less repetitive.

To see and learn more about what your site could be capable of with a John Deere Machine check out Precision Construction Technology | John Deere AU

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