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Lincom brings Premiertrak to the market

Lincom, through its OEM Powerscreen, has introduced one of the largest mobile jaw crushers currently on the market. Quarry spoke with the first Australian company to use it. 

Cleary Bros has been a significant presence in the NSW construction services sector for decades. Now it will be the first Australian company to use Powerscreen’s Premiertrak 760.

The model was designed with the demands of contractors in mind, as well as quarry and mining operators who aspired to have a fuel-efficient and low-engine-load mobile crusher.

On its exterior, it has an “RW” badge in honour of Lincom Group founder Roy Watterson, who was integral to bringing this machine to life.

The Premiertrak 760 incorporates the Terex Jaques JW55 single toggle jaw powered via a direct drive system, which makes it more fuel efficient and requires less engine load to operate.

It can be applied to aggregate materials such as sand, gravel, blasted rock, and river rock, and assists in recycling construction and demolition waste, as well as overburden foundry waste.

Cleary Bros’ General Manager for quarries Todd Kalajzich said Cleary Bros wanted to scalp in pit for several reasons, its older fixed plant was not equipped to do this well.

“We needed to maximise our resource and consent hours to haul and crush,” he said. “We are now processing material that may have been overlooked in the past. We also have some limitations for the storage of scalps around our fixed plant prior to blending.”

“Our smaller fixed jaw was struggling to meet our demands efficiently, which has been highlighted now that we are running a more suitable product from our surge to our high-speed cone crusher. We can now set our feeders at a higher rate with a reduced closed side setting allowing us to choke feed without the plant operator having to constantly adjust rates.

“We are planning to run a few days a week to crush and supply feed to the fixed plant, then use the Premiertrak 760 and our Warrior screen to make other products in pit, such as Gabions and rockfill type materials.”

The Premiertrak 760 offers a throughput capacity of up to 750 tonnes per hour depending on its application and material. It also has a direct drive chamber which is powered via a hydraulic coupling.

Its large 10m³ hopper has hydraulically folding sides and a wedge clamp system ensuring faster set up times and it has a vibrating pan feeder which is linked to an aggressive independent pre-screen, which provides essential removal of fines material before it reaches the chamber.

Kalajzich said its Premiertrak 760 will be primarily located at its Albion Park hard rock quarry site. The site’s outputs deliver raw material for the company’s concrete batching plants in Albion Park, Bombaderry, and Coniston.

Kalajzich chose the jaw crusher due to its large jaw size and increased production benefits.

“(Lincom Group) offered a machine there was basically direct drive and hydraulics was what we were looking for,” Kalajzich said.

“We didn’t want to rely on solely electric power to run the machine, as electrical infrastructure is not always guaranteed on site and in ten years’ time, with these machines operating in environments that traditionally have a lot of dust, we felt more comfortable with the direct diesel drive.

“The decision to get the Premier Trak 760 from Lincom, came from the fact that they are local and have worked with us closely in the past and have treated us quite well. We have a fair amount of Powerscreen machinery we have purchased from Lincom Group in the past.”

Its product conveyor has a discharge height of 4.5 metres and a stockpile volume of 136m³. It features a hydraulic raise and head section for service access and maintenance and also has impact bars and wear resistant liners at feed point, with a high-quality scraper at the head drum.

Additionally, the Premiertrak 760’s product conveyor has a dust suppression system with sprays bars and atomiser nozzles mounted over its crusher mouth, product conveyor feed and discharge points. It is piped to an inlet manifold for the client’s pressured water supply.

The Premiertrak 760’s other features include a pre-screen, a power unit with a fuel tank capacity of 1000 litres and a hydraulics tank capacity of 900 litres, a heavy-duty tracks system, and plant controls and options to suit a quarry site’s wants and needs.

Its pulse telemetry fleet management system allows its performance to be monitored in real-time, promoting proactive maintenance and minimising downtime on site.

Powerscreen has designed Premiertrak 760 to be the next evolution in crusher productivity, with the machine’s versatility diversifying throughputs and driving down costs.

Kalajzich said Cleary Bros is looking forward to further using the Premiertrak 760 and will include it in its current and future operations. •

Visit lincom.com.au to learn more.

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