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Mobile Crushers boost circular economy

Adelaide-based demolition and concrete recycling company DeJay Contracting has enhanced its capabilities with a Metso Outotec i908S mobile impact crusher from Tutt Bryant Equipment.

No type of structure is too big for DeJay Contracting, whether it’s a local home or a high-rise office building in the inner city.

The South Australian company believes in providing responsible demolition services. Recycling waste building material is an integral aspect of this work, which is it is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact, however possible.

More than 85 per cent of the waste materials are recycled and stocked in its yard for sale to the public, using its extensive range of specialist plant and equipment.

To enhance its concrete recycling capabilities, the company purchased a Metso Outotec i908S mobile impact crusher from Tutt Bryant Equipment.

Djordje Stijakovic, owner of Dejay Contracting said the compact size, versatility and advanced dust suppression makes it a perfect fit for the company’s urban recycling application.

“We’re confident that the i908S will enable us to deliver even better results for our clients while supporting sustainable construction practices,” Stijakovic said.

The new crusher is set to allow DeJay Contracting to produce high-quality recycled aggregates more efficiently than ever before.

The Metso Outotec i908S is a highly compact and versatile mobile impact crusher with a removable hanging screen, designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized operations.

It features a direct drive horizontal impact crusher with variable speed control, allowing operators to fine-tune the product to their exact specifications.

Additionally, the i908S comes equipped with an advanced dust suppression system, which minimises dust emissions and helps keep the work environment safe and clean.

DeJay Contracting’s purchase of the i908S highlights its commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices. By recycling concrete waste and producing high-quality recycled aggregates, the company is helping to reduce the need for new raw materials and supporting the circular economy.

The majority of its recycled building materials come from its various house and commercial demolition projects.

Stijakovic said the company has excellent support from the Tutt Bryant Equipment branch in Adelaide.

“Their professionalism and expertise have made the purchasing process a smooth and positive experience for us,” he said.

Mark Reeves, the Tutt Bryant Equipment area manager, expressed his enthusiasm for the purchase.

“We’re thrilled to see the i908S being put to use in such a critical application,” Reeves said.

“Its advanced features and high productivity make it a valuable asset for any concrete recycling company looking to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.”

“At Tutt Bryant Equipment, we are proud to offer our clients the Metso Outotec i908S and other top-quality crushing and screening equipment. If you’re interested in learning more about how the i908S can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.” •

Visit tuttbryant.com.au for more information.

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