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Precisionscreen’s wheeled conveyors bring flexibility to quarries

Precisionscreen’s SM1290 and SM12120 wheeled conveyors are helping to optimise quarry operations.

You’ll find Precisionscreen machinery all over the globe, hard at work in 15 different countries across four continents.

A screening and crushing solutions supplier, Precisionscreen specialises in conveyors, pugmills, crushers, screens and washing.

The company designs and manufactures specialised mobile equipment for the quarry, mining, extractive, material handling and recycling industries.

Precisionscreen’s machines are designed and built in Australia to handle harsh conditions. There isn’t much the company’s range can’t handle, from the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the frigid cold of the Italian Alps.

Precisionscreen brings together three decades of experience with a constantly evolving design process to create a line of efficient and intelligent mobile crushers.

Among them is the Precisionscreen SM1290 wheeled conveyor, a 100ft – or 30m – monster with a 900mm belt.

Manual radial wheels, aided by a tow bar and ground pivot, make the conveyor mobile and adjustable, unlike fixed conveyor alternatives. The SM1290 can do its job, pack up, and move on to the next stockpile without the hassle or expense of fixed infrastructure.

The SM1290 features a fully galvanised conveyor, buttressing the belt against abrasions and wear. The aluminium slide bed also fully covers the rollers, which helps protect the machine and increase its operating life.

Heavy-duty channel sides and a generous feedboot help keep aggregate and other material from spilling. The feedboot, in particular, combats belt sag at the critical loading point, keeping the conveyor turning smoothly with its poly rollers. The drive pulley is hydraulically powered, with fittings at the tail drum. But the drive head also comes in an electric option to help site operators lower emissions and hit environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets.

Triple seal bearings help keep out dust and water, which means less maintenance and downtime and a longer service life.

Additional optional features include a power radial wheel, precoat attachment kit and feedboot options with liners.

The precoat chute attachment, which is also optional, features strategically placed high-velocity nozzles to ensure sufficient coverage of bituminous liquid.

Another mobile choice is the Precisionscreen SM12120 wheeled conveyor. With a belt width of 1,200mm, one can think of it as the SM1290’s big brother.

The 30m conveyor is built sturdy, with similar bells and whistles to the SM1290, such as manual radial wheels, generous feedboot and triple seal bearings.

A variable discharge height of up to 12.3m makes the SM12120 suited to a range of sites and stockpiles.

This conveyor comes with the same optional features as the SM1290, including electric drive.

Conveyors typically run for hours in quarrying operations. Heavy use for months on end can truly test a machine. Fortunately, Precisionscreen also happens to be one of the industry’s largest providers of spare parts in the country.

Its Brisbane-based workshop allows Precisionscreen to manufacture in-house, while also leveraging a global supplier network to ensure fast delivery times and competitive pricing for its spare parts.

Precisionstock conveyor components include rollers, scrapers, skirting systems, bearings, belts, and many more.

The company also stocks a vast range of machine components to suit mobile screening, washing and crushing plants.

Precisionscreen’s SM1290 and SM12120 wheeled conveyors are sturdy, efficient and customisable solutions for the quarry industry. The heavy-duty build means reduced maintenance and downtime, while the electric option means better ESG results.

But the star of the show is the SM1290 and SM12120’s inherent mobility. They can operate where they’re needed, when they’re needed, without the capital investment in supporting infrastructure.

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