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Lismore Council sees value in Blakebrook quarry

Petersons Quarry.

Blakebrook Quarry’s future has been determined after a new bid that offered a new business model was knocked back.

Found on Nimbin Rd in the Northern Rivers’ heartland, the quarry provides a variety of aggregates, drainage rock, roadbase, precoat, fill material as well as basalt products.

KIS Quarries offered Lismore City Council a $3 per tonne in royalties which would have seen the council receive $600,000 for 300,000 tonnes of asphalt annually according to the Daily Telegraph.

KIS has a similar deal with Richmond Valley Council to lease Petersons Quarry and used that as an example of why it could make Blakebrook a success.

Petersons Quarry has been providing quarry materials to the local region for both road construction and private sale since 1916.

The deal would have seen the council provide a lease for the quarry until 2039 as well as providing its truck fleet to help deliver materials between the two quarries.

After the lease was up, KIS Quarries would not have had to complete rehabilitation and restoration of the site according to reports.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the council determined it would get more value by keeping the quarry as its own asset.

This is because there is an estimated $300-400 million worth of repairs to roadworks due to natural disasters due in the next three years.

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