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Ecklin South quarry upgrade set to reduce landfill


A long-time Ecklin South quarry is set to be upgraded with a new facility which will help reduce landfill in the local area. 

The proposed site has been a gravel quarry since 1990 and according to the Corangamite Shire Council’s report, it is nearing its productive life cycle.

Councillors debated a proposal for the quarry to be transformed and rehabilitated with space for hard waste recycling.

The Ecklin site would mainly be used for recycling bricks and concrete which would be crushed, screened and blended to be used in road base.

“The resource recovery is something that is very important to us as we move through making our roads stronger, our footpaths, all the hard services that we need,” Cr Laurie Hickey said.

“It is very important that we can have somewhere where this is recycled and developed.

“I think this is the best outcome for the quarry.”

Crushing material would be stored on site until it is commercially “worthwhile” to crush but no fixed infrastructure or buildings to be established on site.

Located on Lilleys Lane, the operations are expected to be intermittent.

North of the Ecklin South site is another quarry that has been operating since 1974 with a focus on stone extraction.

Councillor Jo Beard said she hoped the two properties would be able to help each other and benefit the local area.

“I assume there has been a good neighbour approach and I hope that continues between the two properties,” Beard said.

“Both are resources that are really well needed by our community and regionally to service our agriculture sector particularly but also our local roads and tracks.”

The plan could help boost the circular economy and produce materials for the end user to create value like roads and tracks which will help reduce landfill.

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