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Komatsu demonstrates perfect iSite


Komatsu’s iSite fleet management solution provides site managers with real-time machine data essential for optimising operations.

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to a quarry operation, so it’s essential for site managers to have the right tools to keep track of what’s going on.

Komatsu’s iSite technology is a fleet management solution (FMS) designed to help site managers monitor the location and status of their fleets. iSite is brand-agnostic, meaning it’s compatible across a mixed fleet of machinery like trucks, excavators and dozers, regardless of manufacturer.

Fundamentally, the technology helps a site optimise operations by allowing site managers to see every movement of their machines in real-time and provides critical information about volumes and tonnages being hauled and loaded, as well as other parameters.

This exposes potential bottlenecks on site, or areas in need of extra resources.

All of this information can be viewed in real-time on-site or remotely via cloud storage. An iSite dashboard can monitor the operating parameters of up to 50 machines at a time.

iSite also monitors fuel burn and can warn operators of a pre-start check failure, as well as overspeed and overload events. It sends a visual warning to the operator via the iSite in-cab dashboard.

iSite allows a site manager to see when a machine is idling. They can then direct an operator to switch off the engine while waiting, to conserve fuel.

Features also include auto-reporting capabilities for machine faults, automatic service meter readings, automatic machine utilisation measuring and access through the myKomatsu online customer parts portal for parts and service kits, as well as oil analysis kits and reports.

This key performance data not only helps to keep operators safe, but also serves to extend the lifespan of machinery.

And, now, the iSite FMS is being base built into some of Komatsu’s most popular quarrying workhorses. The Komatsu HD405-8 dump truck is a 514-horsepower machine with a 40-tonne capacity. Its advanced transmission and braking systems ensure optimum traction. The truck now comes installed with iSite.

The HD605-8 dump truck also features iSite. With a 60-tonne capacity, this dump truck is purpose-built for quarry, construction and small-scale mining operations.

One of the benefits of iSite is that it can evolve without the need for new hardware. The system has seen a number of updates since its launch.

“We’ve added an ESG component, which essentially measures the emissions per tonne that each machine is moving,” Komatsu Smart Construction general manager James Muir told Quarry.

“As well as setting production targets, a site can now also set emissions targets.”

Keeping track of emissions is more relevant than ever, as government bodies strengthen regulations around carbon emissions in the quarry industries.

An iSite dashboard can monitor the operating parameters of up to 50 machines at a time.

“If you can bring the idling time down, you can reduce your emissions count,” Muir said. 

“And, just generally, an improvement to production itself is going to reduce emissions again.

“Another thing iSite can do now is produce heat maps showing emissions clouds. So, if there’s a concentration in machines operating in a particular area, then they’re obviously going to produce more emissions in that spot than where they’re travelling between destinations.

“You can visualise that now, which is particularly important when you’re working out of quarries close to urban areas. You can report that information.”

But iSite isn’t a simple “set and forget” solution; it’s a tailored experience.

“First we do a site investigation,” Muir said.

“We start by interviewing the site supervisors of the quarry – understanding what they’re trying to achieve. Then we start to build that into the system.

“Each site is individual with its own set of KPIs [key performance indicators]. So, we customise iSite’s parameters for each customer.

“It’s the same with safety in terms of the electronic pre-start checks. The checks are tailored to each machine because certain machines will have different safety functions and start-up requirements – fire suppression, for example.

“We use the site investigation to identify the individualised requirements that the system will need to account for.”

After a recent update, iSite is also able to differentiate between material types being loaded and transported by machines.

When it comes to updates to the iSite solution, Komatsu lets its customers drive innovation. The changes the company makes are formed by engaging with customers and seeing what is needed on the site.

“Differentiating material types helps our customers better manage their KPIs,” Muir said. “It can help sort what’s waste from what’s material, and therefore identify different locations or courses for loading and dumping.

“Another aspect is that a lot of quarries look at blending. So they’ll want a certain amount of material A blended with material B, and so on. iSite’s customisation can help keep track of that.”

With its intelligent iSite fleet management solution, Komatsu is helping the quarrying industry get the most out of its machines, keep operators safe and optimise operations.

To learn more, visit the Komatsu website here.

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