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Dookie Quarry set for rocking change

A name change is on the cards for a famous Goulburn Valley quarry which transforms into rocking amphitheater for the night.

Dookie Quarry in the Goulburn Valley is likely to see a rocking change later this year with a name change proposed for its famous concert.

The quarry produced granite during its main operations and was a key part of Dookie.
Operations ceased in the 1970s and the site was used as the local tip for a couple of years before being remediated.

While part of the quarry has been deemed a mineralogical reserve by the Mineralogical Society of Victoria and the Shepparton Council, another part is home to the sounds of music.

The change of Dookie Quarry into a music and entertainment space after work to remodel it was completed in 2014 and transformed into an open-air arts arena.

The quarry has played a big part in the Secret Garden Gigs tour as the Dookie Quarry Festival with patrons flocking to the unique venue despite it being more than two hours from Melbourne.

Residents will get to decide what name the new concert appears under as it gets set to return in December.

The lucky punter is set to be rewarded for their solution with a lifetime pass to the event.

The event’s creative director Jamie Lea said it was time for the famous Dookie music event to become its own standalone experience away from the Secret Garden Gigs name.

“If you’ve been to our December show, you’ll understand the unique vibe, atmosphere and community connection that defines the Dookie Quarry Festival,” Lea said to The Shepparton News.

“It’s so much more than a stage and some bands, it’s a celebration of all things regional and more importantly of the Goulburn Valley.

“Everything is local, and everything is about promoting what it is that makes our neck of the woods so special.”

Rebrand ideas can be emailed to before Thursday, May 4.

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