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ToThink Engineering has your bases covered


So many moving parts go into the creation of vibrating screens and equipment, and ensuring that all machines are fitted with quality and appropriately sized parts is something on which ToThink Engineering prides itself.

Motor bases have an important place in many quarrying applications where the equipment is belt driven.

This can apply to vibrating screens and feeders but can also play a part in the drive systems of crushers and pumps.

These bases help to maintain constant tension on drive belts but also, through their ability to oscillate, ensure that shock loading of key components is minimised.

ToThink Equipment founder Darren Toth has a long history in the field of vibrating equipment.

When he was looking for high-quality bases, Toth turned to the team at Oscillating Systems Technology (OST) Africa, finding the company’s motor bases the most fit-for-purpose for quarrying applications within Australia.

“We have a deep history with the team at OST Africa, being the sales point within Australia for the motor bases and also incorporating the bases into the vibrating screens that we manufacture as part of ToThink Equipment,” Toth told Quarry.

ToThink Engineering gives the local industry access to a range of high quality motor bases.

The bases were previously being manufactured entirely overseas. Whilst the key components are still manufactured by OST in South Africa, a number of larger components are manufactured within Australia. This means shorter lead times and more flexibility in the size of the bases on account of the work the team from ToThink Equipment can put in during the manufacturing process.

Through ToThink Engineering, the Australian industry now has access to lower a greater range of high quality motor bases at competitive prices.

Working hard to keep pace with the continuous improvements and innovation within the industry in terms of vibrating screens, OST Africa prides itself on extensively testing and increasing the quality of its product offerings.

“Over the years, OST Africa have invested heavily into improving the key componentry which goes into the vibrating bases,” Toth said. “To stay on top of the game and stay competitive, you need to have equipment that offers great value for customers, and these bases provide exactly that.”

ToThink’s strong partnership with OST Africa also affords the opportunity to supply motor bases that are suitable to accommodate other machines, such as crushers and pumps.

ToThink Engineering supplies the industry with drive belt tensioning systems used in vibrating screens.

With a team that understands the nature of the industry and which has extensive hands-on experience with the equipment to which the motor bases are fitted, Toth said the company can adjust and incorporate the bases to suit customer needs.

“Working with customers, we can ensure that they receive an appropriately sized motor base, regardless of whether or not they have previously had one installed,” Toth said.

“The availability we have with these bases really allows us to have reduced lead time by having the bases assembled within Australia.”

In addition, ToThink Engineering supplies the quarrying sector with tension arms used in some vibrating screens, which are essential to maintain the appropriate tensions in belt driven systems.

The combination of the OST Africa bases and ToThink Engineering’s own offerings really shines through the dedication to the Australian extractive industry.

“We aim to be the best supplier when it comes to all things vibrating equipment,” Toth said.

“To that end, we have the best availability of vibrator bases in the eastern states, with both a high level of stock and a high standard of technical support and know-how to help people get the best out of their vibrating equipment.”

“We don’t just sell the product and walk away. We’re committed to supporting our customers to ensure these products are installed, adjusted and running as intended for the long term.”

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