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New Xylem facility is all pumped up


Doubling down on a commitment to customers, Xylem has invested $6 million into its Sydney production facility.

Quarrying operations are almost synonymous with pump systems.

From washing to screening to dewatering, quality pumps are essential in keeping quarries functioning by ensuring work can continue right across an operation.

Understanding that need for a consistent and quality supply of water, Xylem has invested significantly into the Sydney production facility. The move is designed to allow for shorter lead times on products, as well as greater visibility into how the high-quality pump equipment is manufactured.

Jordan Thomson-Larkins, product manager for the Godwin range at Xylem, told Quarry that the further development of this manufacturing facility has far-reaching effects for those in the extractive industry.

“The new facility is 10,000m2 and is more than capable of handling the 15 tonnes of air freight and 150 tonnes of sea freight the warehouse and Xylem facility receive monthly,” Thomson-Larkins said.

The facility measures in at 10,000m².

“There’s been a massive investment in in the production and assembly side of things. We’ve now got three 10-tonne overhead gantries and seven three-tonne jibs, all of which are to support assembly and production locally of various brands like our Flygt and Godwin range.

“All this has been done to really support our customers, enabling them to get the highest quality water solutions locally from a trusted OEM (original equipment manufacturer) – in the least amount of time possible.

“This facility allows Xylem to combine ample storage for frequently required product and spare parts, as well as the ability to assemble the more unique product needs to meet our customers’ demand. It is this combination which allows Xylem to standout and help drive a continuously improving water management environment.

“This facility has the capacity to grow well into the future highlighting the commitment Xylem has to this industry.”

Demonstrating the care that is taken to customers in the extractive industries, Xylem has also invested in complete testing facilities for products.

This added functionality – in the form of tanks allows for staff to test the products – are up to task and serve as an opportunity for customers to see the pump’s effectiveness prior to making a commitment.

“We have three test tanks, with one specifically for Godwin and Lowara pumps, that can test up to 20-inch-diameter pumps in addition to a borehole testing tank for Lowara borehole pumps and a separate tank for Flygt testing,” Thomson-Larkins said.

“Customers want to know that the product they purchase is as per the published performance as they have been advised by the OEM, and with these test tanks we can demonstrate that.

“Being able to see an asset perform as expected is really important, especially if you’re spending a large amount on a couple assets or even just one asset. You want to be able to come and see it do what has been promised.”

With a push towards ever-more sustainable practices, Xylem’s updated facility also features an array of solar panels to provide renewable energy and a charger for full electric and hybrid vehicles used at the facility.

Additional investments have been made with safety firmly in mind. All equipment in the warehouse is constantly monitored with cameras, and spacings in the warehouse are accommodated to help increase the health and wellbeing of workers in the facility.

The changes implemented into Xylem’s updated Sydney facility are ultimately focused around providing the best possible service to customers and delivering equipment and support with the shortest possible lead time.

In short, Xylem wants to give its customers the best products without making them wait.

The facility supports customers in getting the highest quality water solutions.

“We have placed a huge focus emphasis on shortening the time from purchase order to delivery to the customer,” Thomson-Larkins said.

“Even though Xylem is a big company, there’s still a high level of personalisation that we can offer customers.

“With production being in-house and the improvements we’ve made to this facility, we can offer not just the product as specified, but can also do whatever is necessary to get it to the customer’s final requirements.”

For more information, visit the Xylem website.

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