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Red Star hammers home high-quality products

red star

Widely used in the quarrying and recycling industries, high-strength hammers are essential to ensure high-grade products. The team from Anping Red Star is able to supply high-quality manganese hammers, as well as alloy carbon steel hammers, for different applications. 

With the impact work regularly experienced during quarrying applications, manganese steel hammers are more commonly used due to the unique hardening property they exhibit during the work. 

In the recycling industry, carbon alloy steel hammers are more popular, especially for the scrap shredders. 

Through a steel-refining process and special heat-treatment, the hammer is able to obtain a superior level of durability. The lifetime for the hammers from Anping Red Star is on the higher end, resulting in lower total cost for the hammers. 

For more information, visit the Red Star website, or call 0401 459 289.

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