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BlastIQ helps quarries blast smartly


Orica has released a new integrated digital solution, in the form of BlastIQ, to enable the quarry market to streamline and optimise blasting operations.

BlastIQ Quarry is a solution from Orica that utilises digital technologies to help quarry operators optimise their drill and blast activities in near real-time.

Developed by Orica Digital Solutions, BlastIQ allows quarry operators to design blasts according to set performance objectives and can additionally present drill and blast insights for continuous blast optimisation.

Developed with customer feedback incorporated into the design and deep blasting experience in quarry operations, the smart digital blast optimisation platform provides a single source of truth and delivers instant pre and post-blast insights.

Instead of manually handling paper-based information, operators can collate data digitally and receive insights to help inform drill and blast performance.

The head of blast design and execution for digital solutions, Cu Luu, detailed the key benefits of the new blast control solution from Orica.

“Overall, BlastIQ Quarry is a powerful and comprehensive solution that can help quarries improve the efficiency of their drill and blast operations, reduce overall cost, ensure data accuracy, drive productivity, and maintain regulatory compliance,” Luu said.

“Its integrated and connected components provide a complete solution that delivers real results and drives continuous improvement for the industry.”

Integrating into existing operational systems and processes, BlastIQ Quarry solution has the capacity to improve blast quality control, eliminate rework and reduce excess drilling and explosives consumption.

These improvements may offer quarry operators the opportunity to optimise drill and blast activities, reduce costs, improve productivity, and manage regulatory compliance, ensuring the long-term success of quarry operations.

More information on BlastIQ for quarrying operations can be found on the Orica website here.

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