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Ausdecom is crushing ahead


Ausdecom is mostly known for demolition, but its crushing and recycling services are where the company truly comes into its own.

Ausdecom has been making a name for itself as a reliable industrial demolisher for a decade, dismantling just about anything the petrochemical, oil, gas, and power generation sectors can put up. 

But squint through the dust kicked up in the wake of falling structures, and you’ll see a deep philosophy at work.

Just as important as demolishing the old, the company believes, is creating the new. 

That’s where Ausdecom’s lesser known but equally important recycling service comes into action.

“The circular economy is in Ausdecom’s DNA,” Ausdecom recycling general manager Brent Alford told Quarry.

“Our business has always been based on re-using, re-directing or recycling as much of the materials we extract from our projects as possible.”

Located all around Australia, Ausdecom offers contract crushing at its own depots, as well as mobile services for large and remote sites.

“We’re more than happy to go out to a customer’s sites to crush and recycle concrete, brick, rock or any other recyclable materials,” Alford said.

“We offer a full or modular plant set up as part of the service.”

The company’s large mobile modular crushing plant is one of the few in Australia with a capacity of up to 600 tonnes per hour, with smaller crushing units available accordingly.

Ausdecom recycles 99.5 per cent of its inbound materials, tracking the remaining 0.5 per cent as part of its Green Star certification – an internationally recognised Australian sustainability rating system.

The company’s crushing services are bolstered by a $30 million arsenal of plant equipment, including two standout crushers from Kleemann, a Wirtgen Group brand.

Wirtgen’s Kleemann MC 120 Pro is one of the most robust and efficient jaw crushers on the market.

The first is the Kleemann Mobicat MC 120 Pro, a new-model jaw crusher suitable for pre-crushing almost all types of natural stone. 

The machine is extremely robust and impresses with its low-maintenance operation.

The Pro model also claims a diesel–electric power system, meaning a reduction in carbon emissions and in operating costs, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

These features make it a crushing beast that can guarantee high production outputs, even when faced with challenging material.

“Excavation stone is some of the hardest material you can get through a crusher,” Alford said. “It’s knocking out 3000 tonnes of this stuff every day. That’s really hard crushing.”

The other Kleeman machine is the Kleemann Mobicat MC 120 jaw crusher, the first Wirtgen machine that Ausdecom purchased. 

Despite its age, this 2008 model primary Kleemann crusher is still going strong and working every day on Ausdecom projects, a testament to the quality of Wirtgen’s products and its after sales service. 

“Wirtgen Australia’s service and spare parts availability has been excellent in keeping the crusher operating,” Alford said.

“The after-sale care Wirtgen Australia provides with the older model is really what sealed the deal for us in deciding to purchase the Kleemann MC 120 Pro.

“Wirtgen Australia has depots all over the country, including WA, Queensland, New South Wales, SA and Victoria, and is looking to expand its warehousing facilities on the east side of the country, which will be a great help.”

Working with Wirtgen Australia means Ausdecom’s machines have many years of service ahead of them to benefit customers in the quarrying industry.

In addition to their toughness and reliability, fuel burn for these Kleeman models is also quite low – an important feature given crushers operate for hours at a time when the cost of diesel is so high.

Beyond the Kleeman models, Ausdecom offers a variety of other fixed and mobile waste shredders and crushers, as well as mobile pugmills and soil recycling equipment.

“We’re set up to crush multiple products in all scenarios,” Alford said.

Ausdecom can handle almost any task the quarrying and waste industries can throw its way, from demolition to crushing and recycling to mark the beginning of something new. •

For more information, visit the Wirtgen website.

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