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Crushing it in the hire business


With a wealth of experience in Australian extractive industries, Crusher Screen Sales and Hire provides tried and tested quality equipment to help businesses achieve maximum productivity.

Crusher Screen Sales and Hire (CSSH) has a simple message for potential customers in the extractive industry.

“If your company, quarry or mine needs new equipment, then come to Crusher Screen Sales and Hire and see what we can offer,” the company states on its website.

An Australian company operating out of Yatala in Queensland, CSSH facilitates the sale and hire of a variety of equipment.

Operating as the Australian manufacturer and distributor for Irish Manufacturing Services (IMS) crushing equipment from Northern Ireland, CSSH manufactures a range of plant, including track and modular electric pugmills, mobile silos and blenders.

CSSH manager John Andersen spoke with Quarry about the company’s offerings and its key role in providing customers with fit-for-purpose crushing solutions.

“At CSSH we offer a turn-key solution with our pugmills and blenders that come with the support of Australian-designed and serviced computer programming,” he said. “Our attention to detail in the machines we offer, and their internal programming, ensures that the automation design is meeting Australian standards and conditions.”

Operating crushers and pugmills in Australia comes with a suite of challenges, as all local quarry operators would know. The combination of the often-harsh environmental conditions and regularly changing legislative requirements can serve to complicate the process of crushing and screening.

To that end, the knowledge and experience of Andersen and the team at CSSH is what comes to forefront, with boots-on-the-ground experience combining with a variety of machines that are designed to handle work in Australian conditions.

“As the industry continues to develop and incorporate much-needed changes, some quarries have difficulties with fulfilling more demanding specifications,” Andersen said.

“Additionally, some quarries have difficulty meeting specifications without blending material and some states specifically have requirements for more recycled product to be added to virgin material to reduce waste and landfill demands.

“That’s where we come in. We can direct customers to the right equipment for their needs, giving them the best tools for success.”

On track

One of the highlights of the CSSH product range is the IMS track-mounted pugmill, PM1050-16TB, which Andersen describes as “the biggest selling pugmill in Australia”. This popular machine has a role in operating on major infrastructure projects around the country.

“The PM1050-16TB is heavily responsible in supplying main roads specific products from numerous quarries,” Andersen said.

“These machines are essential in supporting the major infrastructure development the country is going through, with numerous large public and private projects happening nationwide.”

The PM1050-16TB also has a function in the treatment of contaminated soils. Through a combination with chemical compounds, the machine can create a blended material that can then be reused on-site, saving money on dumping fees and associated transport costs.

Introducing a mix between manual and automatic operation, the lPM1050-16TB has the option to be operated as a manual unit. It is also capable of producing up to 500 tonnes per hour by adding water or a fully automated programmable logic controller (PLC).

“With the new PLC program and touchscreen, the PM1050-16TB can be controlled by a smart device from a loader up to 100m from the machine,” Andersen said.

“This allows operators a degree of total flexibility to adjust the mix requirement, volume and client details, and to manage multiple trucks and trailers stopping automatically between each load.”

The reporting system included with this PLC functionality not only allows operators to record each batch into projects, but also provides additional daily reports.

“The reports generated from the lPM1050-16TB PLC functionality include the totals of each product used, allowing for accurate management of stock control in relation to use of cement, raw material and water,” Andersen said.

A breadth of product lines

Going beyond the flagship product of the PM1050-16TB, CSSH also manages the manufacture of an IMS electric modular pugmill blender.

Offering feed hoppers in 2m, 4m or 5m, the electric pugmill blender has a front-of-hopper adjustable flow gate and electric gear drive variable speed conveyors all fitted with belt scales.

The modularity and versatility of the pugmill blender mean it can be used in a variety of quarrying applications, with additional functionality through the ability to connect to the same PLC and recording system as on the PM1050-16TB, but upgraded to control multiple feed hoppers simultaneously.

“As with the PM1050-16TB, the operator can control the program with a smart device by entering in the project name, batch size, production and mix percentages of each feed hopper, cement and water,” Andersen said.

“The program we have incorporated also has the option to control multiple powders and liquids, and can be customised to meet most clients’ requirements in terms of feed and output.”

Once blended material passes through the pugmill blender, it enters onto a 24m radial conveyor, with auto radial return functionality and auto lift.

The conveyor works in conjunction with the pugmill blender to automatically adjust as the output stockpile of the blended material increases in height, ultimately reducing any separation of the material.

Difference in service

Providing extensive care to customers and being a recognised name in sales and hire for crushing equipment, CSSH is committed to operating with the needs of the quarrying industry as a key driver for business.

“Through our own production process, we spend a lot of time and money automating the IMS pugmills and blenders, improving the product to ensure it remains a market leader in this field,” Andersen said.

The move towards automation is a significant contributor to the usability and accessibility of crushing and screening equipment for the end user.

In addition to all of its crushing and screening options, CSSH offers a range of plant for soil remediation, including mobile scalpers for screening of bricks, concrete, wood, stone and other materials prior to any blending process.

But more importantly than anything else, CSSH remains a customer-centric equipment supplier, with a “tell us what you need today” attitude towards providing the best solutions for crushing and screening applications for the Australian quarrying industry.

For more information, visit the CSSH website.

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